Monday, May 4, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 4 Chapter II

Actually I did not expect myself to write another post on this issue, but it happened to me on Sunday and I can’t resist not to blog about it. So, let this post be the Chapter 2 of my Tiny Pisses # 4.

I cut out the Clinique advert on 1st May Sin Chew newspaper as I can use boy boy’s name to redeem another free moisture surge (trust me, this moisture surge is worth the hassle. Now only I noticed I have not done a review on it). So, we took LRT to KLCC on Sunday afternoon and went straight to Isetan Clinique. I don’t dare to take risk to go to other Clinique counters.

When I reached the counter, Chloe wasn’t there as she was off that day. I was a bit disappointed as I really hoping her to give boy boy a consultation on his skin. So, I gave the voucher to another consultant. She took out the Moisture Surge and I filled up boy boy’s particulars. She said boy boy’s details are already in the system, as such no need consultation.

Then I asked, how about my second free gift. She said this advert can redeem for one gift only. Uh huh, have you heard this story before? I double asked her again saying that I thought I can get 2 pieces gift with this advert. She said no.

So I walked off and I called PY, coz she brought her bf here on Saturday for a consultation. She said Chloe gave her 2 gifts and gave her bf a very good consultation as well. Oh no, similar situation again. My furiousity started to rise.

I walked back to the counter again (Ya, I walked back) and told her that my friend got 2 gifts with this voucher, how come I get one only. Then both of them (2 Malay ladies) look at the voucher for a few seconds. I was thinking, do you even know how to read Mandarin?? (I am not racist here). I said, “Let me translate this to you: Upon consultation, can redeem free moisture surge, then this side says with this cutting, customer are entitled to one free gift worth RM30”.

Then hor, she still got the guts to tell me, “This one is upon consultation only”. I lost my patience and I raised my voice, “then you consult him la, he is here what!” pointing at my boy boy. Then the 2 consultants walked off to their cupboard, and I overheard them saying, “just give her this la”. Then they walked towards me and gave me a small size moisturizer, and she said, “This one is for your skin”.

I walked off and I look at the moisturizer, is a moisture lotion, suitable for dry skin. But I am using moisture gel as I am oily skin. This girl still dares to say it suits my skin somemore. I think they just simply give me a gift so that I could stop arguing with them as my voice was rising steadily sharp. Fine la, I take the moisturizer, good for traveling.

Boy boy said I so ‘Latt Seh” (malu) as I walked back to argue with them. He was so scare of me requesting to take back the advert as what I did in Mid V that day. I said I won’t do that since I already have my moisture surge. Actually I could have just walk away with the moisture surge. But, the thing is, she is trying to cheat me. This type of shit, I will not tolerate and will not hesitate to stand on my own ground when I know that these are my consumer rights.

Sigh, this just spoilt my day.

P/S: As of to date, my comment to Clinique Friendster has not been published yet.

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