Friday, May 1, 2009

Sungai Wang Spree again

PY need a top / blouse for her dinner event on Friday night. So, we went to Sg Wang on Thursday, after work. We target the RM25 shops first. But then hor, RM25 shops do not have what PY wanted. So we went into the normal price shop. Saw some blouses but priced at quite high price, it was like RM65 for a top? a bit too expensive lor. Somemore she also very fussy lei, sometimes said color not nice, sometimes said the color is not the color she wanted. I almost fainted.

Anyhow, the last RM25 shop we went, she found an off shoulder top and she bought it. While she was paying the money, I was searching through RM10 rack. I found 2 long tees as well.

Then while walking to the counter wanna pay for my tees, I bought this top for RM25 also. Hehe.

We bought what we wanted at 7pm. Much ahead of our targeted time of 8pm for Krispy Kreme. So, PY asked whether she can go have a look at Vinci or not. I said go ahead lor. She is not suppose to buy shoes le, she just wanna have a look. Mana tahu hor, the first pair that she saw when we walked into the shop, she tried and she said she loves it. I also mou lek. She continued to look at other shoes at the shop.

Since shoes are not my interest that day, I walked to another clothing shop nearby to look for clothes. Then I saw they offer a range of bags. So I tried a few. Dragged PY from Vinci after she bought the shoes (Ya, she did buy it), and asked her opinions on bags. Sigh, her taste and my taste was so different. So, based on my instinct, I bought this bag for RM26.90. Cheap right?

Teman ppl shopping, mana tahu sendiri pun beli. Swt. Luckily Nicole shopping spree date in Times Square was postponed until I also dont know when (waiting for her to cue me), if not I teman people spree, ended up I also spree pulak. Dangerous.


Phui Yee said...

Ei, i never ask you to shop when we were in sg wang hor..You sendiri gatal want to shop.i cant control you ler...hahahha..Plus u said if u buy ntg, u feel unhappy wor...

Marogal said...

hahaha good la... then i find u out shopping.. u help u ''buy'' then i can just see you buy... i can save alot...lolz