Friday, May 22, 2009

The Sniper

Purposely save this movie until it comes out with asterisk * (means more than 2 weeks) so that I can claim my free movie ticket from GSC birthday gift. Before this, I asked boy boy whether he wanna watch Edison Chen movie or not (coz people boycotting him as well as his movie). Then boy boy's response shocked me (but actually I was expecting it as well la), "Fuiyoh! Must watch!". His 'must watch' for all the wrong reasons, and I dont intend to elaborate.

The movie talks about 2 colleagues, Richie Ren and Huang XiaoMing are both super sniper, but HXM is the only who can fire a headshot at 500m range. As such, he has the promotion to become Commander. At one incident, HXM accidentally shot an innocent man and was sentenced to jail. After 4 years, he comes out and planning for his revenge of Richie Ren, taking out his sniper team one by one.

Where is Edison then? Edison is the rookie of the team, not much screen play until the last part, and one of the incident part where he says "S5 confirm" in a stern tone, quite cool! Edison's naked upper body also not macho also, 'sao mang kai' like that. I like HXM body better, actually HXM is quite leng chai lei, I like to watch him throughout the whole movie.

The movie didnt touch much on the sniper's skill, it kept on focusing on the 'breathing technique' while aiming for the shot. I was hoping they could elaborate more on other skills of a sniper. As a whole, the story line was ok. You get see some bloody scenes at the end.

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