Monday, May 18, 2009

Ng Si Swine Flu lah

Tuesday started to feel like sore throat coming, so everynight and morning I took a table spoon of Pei Pa Gou to avoid coughing. Mana tahu, it didnt recover, yet the flu started to come on Friday. The whole day I was wrapping wan ton only. Then dont know why my left side thigh started to cramp.

I started to think whether I have the possibility of infecting the swine flu or not. I opened up a file that gave me some background of swine flu. Then I noticed that all my symptoms are so the same as swine flu symptoms. I started to worry. But on the other hand, I didnt travel to overseas and I didnt mingle with anyone who are back from overseas wo. How to infect with this swine flu? Is just the weather only la.

Then later of the day, PY told me that out of 3 swine flu symptoms, I kena two already and she asked me to go check. Swt. I trying to convince myself that this is no swine flu but this PY wanna step on me somemore. Made me more worried.

Saturday morning, I really beh tahan (beh tahan the curiosity of swine flu). Went and see doctor to get some medication to avoid me being sick on my bday. And a weird incident happened during the consultation. I told dr that I have sore throat and flu. Then he asked me, "Do you have fever or cough?". Erm, doctor, I dont know whether I have fever or not, but you are the one that have a thermometer that can measure my temperature, why do you need to ask me this question? "Erm, no le, I dont think so" was my answer to him.

"Do you need antibiotics?"., you are THE doctor, why not you tell me whether I need antibiotics or not rather then you asking me whether I need that or not. "Erm, up to you" was my answer to him. "I will give u a mild antibiotics then".

Ok, took my medicine n went off. Doctor didnt suspect me of swine flu also, why am I so scare lei? He didnt ask whether I came back from USA or not. He didnt ask me to quarantine myself at home also. Means my symptoms are not swine flu symptoms la. Cheh! Sendiri menakutkan sendiri. Syiok sendiri very song meh u think. H1N1 le, dont pray pray.

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maro^gal said...

how come the doctor so lousy.... =.=''
nex time u just go and request for medicine from nurse can jor... just tell her what sickness u have.. haha