Monday, May 11, 2009

My New Hairstyle

Since last year I have been dredging for hair rebonding. I didnt do it coz all the hair stylists said my highlight was too much and if I rebond my hair, it will all become frizzy. So I dare not take the risk. Has been tying up my hair for one year plus.

Finally, I can do a rebonding this time. Plan to have a nice hairstyle before my bday. And I have decided to go to e3 salon in Bandar Puteri for my rebond as I trust the hairstylist Jessica. On Saturday morning 9.30am, boy boy picked me up and we went to have brunch at Old Town Kopitiam nearby.

Need a heavy breakfast coz I think I will be sitting in the salon for at least 3 - 4 hours. Cant afford to have gastric at that time. Ordered nasi lemak, their signature dish.

Boy boy ordered Rendang Chicken.

Around 10.30am, we went to the salon. A guy washed my hair, applied pre-treatment and asked me to wait for 15 minutes. Then, he applied straightening cream on my hair and waited for 10 minutes. Jessica came and checked (pulled a strand of my hair), she said put another 5 minutes. Then 5 minutes later, she said still cannot, asked the guy to put the ‘heater’ (the round round thingy turn around your head) for 8 minutes. 8 minutes later, still cannot, really stubborn hair huh. I waited another 10 minutes then only they washed my hair. Other people only take 10 minutes for this process and I think I took 30 minutes for this step.

Now, start the most electrifying part: Rebonding. Once he put the iron on my first bottom part of my hair, I shocked a bit. Then he asked, “I burn you is it?”. Then I said no, it was my reflex to it coz a girl burn my skin last time when I did the rebonding. So, naturally it has become a phobia to me when the iron thong sticks near to my skin.

Everytime he pulled my hair and put the iron thong on it, I sweat. Sweat a lot in fact. Then he stopped for a while and washed other people’s hair (coz it was packed that day). I cool down. 10minutes later, he came back and started back on the ironing process, I started to sweat again. Cant control it coz I really scare my skin got burned. Then he went off and do something else. Then he came back and ironed the last part of my hair.

Jessica gave me a free treatment and I felt great coz I got something for free! Hehe. Let you see my before look.
And my 'After' look.

My right side.

My left side.

Actually I was expecting it to be very dry and frizzy but it turned out quite good woh. I was quite happy with the results. But hor, I noticed that my face looks longer and bigger after the rebonding. Why like that one?

Anyhow, I like my new hair coz it finally can flow following the wind! Total damage was RM198 (cut, wash, pre-treatment n rebonding). This coming Saturday I gonna dye my whole hair, just to cover up the highlights that I had at the end there. I gonna dye fierry red like Alison (American Idol 8). Hahahha. No la, my red wont be fierry, I dont dare le.

Please tell me that I look nice to comfort me. I so long never have flowy hair liao.

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