Friday, May 22, 2009

My Elephant - Section 17

Meeting Nicole for dinner on Friday night. She suggested My Elephant at Happy Mansion for Thai food. I surfed some floggers' website for the quality of the food. All of them praised this restaurant for cheap and tasty Thai food. By the look of the price, it was really cheap. Super looking forward to the dinner.

Once we reached the restaurant and opened the menu, I straight away knew that they have increased the price, not by 10% but at least 30%. A glass of drink was priced at RM3 per glass, but it was RM2.50 a year ago. Nicole's pandan drink was tasteless (that was what she said ya) and my tea drink at least has some taste.
They served brown rice, which is very healthy. But my bro wont come here and eat coz he doesnt eat brown rice.

Seafood Tom Sum (RM20). It was priced at RM12 a year ago. It was embedded heavily with lemongrass. So the soup tasted sour and spicy. I like the taste of the soup, it was really unique and it opens up the appetite. By the look of Nicole, she said the soup was so-so only. As you can from the picture, the soup has mushrooms, prawns, ginger, star fruit (no kidding), fish fillet, and some herbs. Real rich in flavour.

Mango salad (RM12). When this was served, I was doubting the taste of this salad. It looked spicy and oily! Indeed, it tasted weird. The chilli plus the mango combination was a let down.

Signature steam garoupa (RM45). The fish itself was very fresh, and with the sauce together, it tasted quite unique (it was good actually).

We finished the food at 7 something and we left. The place was not condusive for private talking. Nicole was sitting opposite me at a very long table. How to talk like that. The last time we met was in the Japanese restaurant where we chat until 9 something. This My Elephant was just not convenient for chatting.

I dont think I will come back second time as the price was not affordable anymore. Our total bill was RM95, which was quite expensive just for the 3 dishes. I just dont understand why they increase the price so much. If wanna increase then increase 10% is ok la. It really defeats the purpose of "Cheap Thai food" at the first place.

My Elephant does not offers any dessert, so we went to another apartment to search for Food Foundry for dessert. Nicole said the crepe at FF is very nice. When we reached there, I was expecting a crepe to be like... erm....a crepe? I mean the one folded and crispy type (similar to a small booth at Mid Valley ground floor). Mana tahu, FF offers crepe in a cake shape, oooo, that's new to me. So I tabao back a chocolate crepe (RM9) to try.

No offense to Nicole (scare next time she dont wanna introduce me food liao), after my sis tried, my mum tried, I tried, and my most fussy bro tried, we thought that the original crispy crepe is way much better. This cake-shape crepe just tasted so weird lor. I remember HoChiak food program recommended a shop doing this type of crepe as well, they said is the best seller item in the shop. Erm....maybe I really dont know how to eat this thing.

Nicole asked me to try on the dress that she bought from Hong Kong. She said is a birthday gift for my registration of marriage day. Read the sentence again. Is a birthday gift for registration of marriage. She is trying to drop some hints to boy boy.

Thanks Nicole for the gift! Now, I just need to pump up my boobs to get a longkang!


Calvin said...

Pump your boobs and get longkang?? Dont worry la, I will ask Annie to buy you some magical push up bra to push you and scott to the top.. wahaha

Renji said...

No longkang got bumperm also can geh. If got both even better la ofcoz.

Renji said...

Fuiyo~Push me to the top of "God's table" ah?Ngek ngek ngek I stil enjoy my single life leh.Hope u & aunty annie enjoy being NN parent & happy mother's & father's day.Where got longkang?Dry longkang?

Renji said...

Erm.. If next time going out with Nicole pls let me know earlier so that I just drink sky juice & eat bread for 1 month...