Friday, May 1, 2009

Krispy Kreme - Berjaya Times Square

The first time I tried KK was in Sdyney whereby an aunty of us introduced it to us. After that, we totally fell in love with it. After my bro graduated, when he flew back to Msia, he bought a dozen of KK donuts in Sdyney airport (The compartment in the plane was filled with KK dozens of donuts coz everyone bought back) and we get to taste it.

The most awaited donut of all times is in Malaysia now! HOT KRISPY KREME ORGINAL GLAZED. Woohoo~!! Went to Sungai Wang with PY. After shopping, we quickly went to Krispy Kreme. The Q was not that long. We Q-up for like 15 - 20 minutes.

I told PY the KK donuts are superbly tasty. She doubted me at first saying, "if not nice then I scold you one har". Tension-nya. While we were queing, everyone got a free original glazed donut. Anything free to me is fanstastic. When PY took a bite of the free donut, she kept quiet. I looked at her, frightfully asking her, "nice or not?". Then she immediately said, "Wah, hou hou sek! (super nice), very soft, very sweet, very hot!". Oooo....luckily she said nice.
Actually she wanna buy half dozen with 2 original glazed. I told her that she needs to buy at least 3 -4 original ones. She insisted she wants only two. Then hor, after she tasted the free donut, she bought 3 original ones (RM2.50 per piece) coz she said it was super tasty. She said she wont buy JCo donuts anymore, these 2 brand cannot be compared at all as KK ones are thousand times better. Look at her happy face.

PY's 3 assorted flavours (RM2.80 per piece). One with almond toppings, one with chocolate and another one with Hershey chocolate.

That's me with my free donut. Mou Tak Ding!

I bought double dozens of original glazed (RM33.90 for 2 dozens). I gave one dozen to boy boy's family. When his brother-in-law came and collect the donuts, he asked me, "very famous one ar this donuts?". I said yes la, KK is the best donut in the world. Then he said, "never heard before". I SWT.

Recieved different reviews on the donuts:

- PY's bf said the original one were super sweet, sweet until his tooth pain, so he prefers the assorted flavours. It was nice though.

- Boy boy said the donut very sweet and soft (which are the selling points of KK donuts). But he commented in a criticizing manner.

- My bro said KK donuts are the best! JCO cannot be compared at all. The size of KK also much bigger than JCO. My bro ate 2 that night and took 2 this morning.

- My mum said it was too sweet. So she shoved off a lot of sugar from the donut.

An absolute must try for all of you!


Calvin said...

From the donut comment, prove that ka weng is really a super duper sweet eater. everyone say too sweet but he says just nice. lolz

Renji said...

See not only i say it's too sweet la.Crazy man....

Phui Yee said...

My bf said the other donuts were good except the one with chocolate topping. He did not like the filling..Hahah..for me the original is the best.. Hahaha..i'm loving the donutssss...