Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jing's Wedding Dinner

When Jing called me a month ago and asked me whether I am going to XXX's wedding or not. I said no as I am not familiar with her. Then she said, "oh good la like that, then you can come to my wedding that day!" That was how she broke the news to me. My silent loyal blog reader is getting married! or should I say 'has got married'?

I could not be her ji mui as I need to attend Break Out dance comedy in the afternoon, scare tak sempat. So, I can only attend her wedding dinner. Oh ya, by the way, the Break Out comedy was fantastic! Really worth the price except the lousiness of the venue (Wisma MCA hall which does not have a slanting platform and luckily we sat at the 4th row from the front). After watching it, my first response to Scott was, "Nikky should watch this!" coz it was really really farnie and Nikky loves funny shows, especially some make-no-sense show. But no doubt, all 3 of us (boy boy and my bro) enjoyed it a lot.

After that, we caught an early light dinner at McD. After I reached home at 6pm, quickly bath and make up and left my house at 6.45pm. On the way to Bukit Jalil Golf Club, the weather was really dark. I was hoping that it will rain AFTER I have enter the hall.

At the traffic light junction, just one turn and I will reach BJ Golf Club, it rained! =.=" I parked my car (not covered carpark) thinking that should I run out or should I wait until the rain stop? I could have just use the umbrella in my car, but hor, my mum went and change my normal size umbrella to a GOLF umbrella. Me, dressed so sexy, black leggings, 3.5" high heels, together with a golf umbrella????? Totally tarnish my image.

After waiting for 5 minutes, the rain is not going to slow down, I took a breath and said to myself, "die ma die la". Walked to the hall with a golf umbrella, and everyone was looking at me. I told myself that I am not going to care about other people's stares. Stare ma stare la, never see a girl with a golf umbrella before meh??

Once I entered the hall, I got seated at Table 15, which was a very nice spot from the stage.

I love the picture below very much as I find it very artistic (cheh, praising myself pulak). Is just that I dont have a DSLR that can blur off the image behind except the door gift. The angle that I took this photo was very nice, dont you agree? Potential photographer in the making. Wahahaha.

The menu for the night.

Together with the bride, Jing. (I have no idea that I was hunching my back! Looked super ugly in this picture, I mean me).

The two bridesmates aka receptionist - Marogal (yup, is her, cant recognise her after makeup lei?) and Leng (If you wanna buy clothes/dresses, please go and find her). Marogal said that this is her first time becoming a bridesmate and she was so relax, coz the bride has arranged everything for her (from bridesmate dress, makeup, manicure). So nice.

Sorry for the difference in color between the 2 photos, I was experimenting with different parameters with my new camera.

The guy on the left is Onn Tiong aka Wu Tiong Tiong. He said I have become prettier wo. Of coz la, he compared today me with Form 5 me. Hahahaha. Anyhow, I am still happy with that compliment.

I have no idea why my photos turn out so blur. Still trying to experiment with the settings.

See, another farnie picture with weird camera setting.

See, I got a longkang if i pump up a bit. Wahahhaa! Proud proud!

I left around 10.45pm, didnt stay back for the disco, coz I was driving alone. Nowadays is so dangerous. I told boy boy that I will call him around this time while I am driving back, to ensure that if any Mat Rempit or "Sam Patt" fella kacau me, he will know real-time (omg, scientific term also come out already). But hor, he didnt pick up my call. When I almost reach house only he called me back. I dem mou lek lor.

Anyway, wish Jing Jing has a blissful and a wonderful marriage and fast fast get a 'promotion'!

p/s: Marogal, when is your turn?


maro^gal said...

=.='' i have to use ur trademark wording ''mou lek'' alr... why i'm introduced with my make up on !!

hahahaa i wonder how u open the heavy golf umbrella before coming out of the car... alot of ppl stare at u? see u leng lui is it.. not ur umbrella la...

thx for the pix of the menu wor.. now i know what is served that night..

nice view of table 15 hor... faster thank me la..!! hahhaa but too bad i had no chance to sit there..

hmm ur camera.. hahaa now u know the prob of having too much function but don really know how to use it.. tats why an auto function is still the best

eh.. wanna 8 har ... XXX's wedding?? who is ur loyal silent blog reader who is getting married? hehhe

maro^gal said...

eh... i think i'm ur most talkative blog reader and ''commentor''

forgotten something.... is bridesmaid or bridesmate eh?