Monday, May 18, 2009

Italiannies - One Utama

Really feel like eating caesar salad, nowadays cravings for it. Chose Italiannies to dine in on Sunday night. Thought of taking warm water but they dont serve it, forced to order Hot Chocolate.

Caesar salad (RM13.90). As far as I remember, Italiannies serve the best caesar salad around as all the flavourings are just nice. However, that night the salad was too creamy bcoz too much cheese and the cheese was very thick. Luckily I ordered small portion, so the cheesiness is still bearable.

Forgotten the name of this dish tiem. Hehe. (RM30.90). It was served with fried chicken breast on top of spagetti. I ate the spagetti by itself, it was bland. Tried to eat with a piece of tomato, it was sour. Sigh, dont know what to eat with. The chicken breast was dry, and the coating was ok. Quite a normal dish.

Strawberry cheesecake (RM13.90). Actually is 100% cheesecake with some strawberry flavour around it only la. The cheesecake was really a real cheese-cake. It was so rich in cheese. Yum Yum.
"Let me take the whole plate".

"Really cant wait to taste it".

"Ok ok, let you take photo first".

"Let me pose nicely first".

Sigh, I really regret I didnt put makeup on. Too sick to apply makeup. Ya, that was my sick face. Been dizzy for the whole 2 days after taking the antibiotics.

Sing Happy Birthday song to me la!

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Calvin said...

sad case, a year older, but status still the same.