Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday night as we do not want to squeeze with people on the actual day. My mum wanna eat Meichi Xuan coz she loves it when we tried the first time. On Friday night, I called Meichi Xuan and wanna make a reservation. The conversation went like this:

Mun: Can I make a reservation for tomorrow?
MCX: Can.
Mun: Would like to make a reservation for 8 people tomorrow 6.30pm.
MCX: Ok. Do you wanna order the dishes first?
Mun: Nope, I will order when I reach there.
MCX: So, just to inform you that tomorrow is a public holiday, and we will let other people take your table if they come early.

Huh? What are you talking about? I MADE a reservation, and you want to let other people take my table if they come early? What nonsense you are talking about! Then you should have just tell me that you dont take reservation on holiday la. Very chuien (acsi) right? Or maybe you can say we will let other people take your table if you dont reach at 6.30pm. That, I can accept. But the former sentence was a bit silly lor.

We reached there at 6.25pm. Yup, they did reserve a table for me. If they dont reserve, I will forever blacklist this restaurant because of their 'chuin-ness'. Is not like they have a lot of patrons. Even when we left at 7.30pm, the tables were not full also. Act as if they have so much business due to tons of visits from overseas actors (namely Eric Tsang).

Lo Hon Zhai (RM15). This dish was so-so only. The fuchuk was so dem hard.

Pork Knuckles (RM40). My brother fell in love with this dish since he first ate, so he wanna ordered it again. He said this dish is on par with the pork knuckles served in German restaurant. However, this time it was a bit let down for us. The pork skin was not as crunchy as last time and the portion was somewhat smaller (caught a small pig maybe).

Claypot Tilapia Fish (RM25). Now, this was sort of like 'new' to us. We only had claypot CURRY fish head, but this MCX served whole fish in a claypot with sauce.

Beancurd (RM15). I quite like this dish coz I super love beancurd made in such way. I took a lot of this sauce compared to the fish one. It wasnt too salty as their 'choy bou' amount was just nice.

Salted Chicken (RM18). Actually, we got conned in ordering this dish. Dad wanna order a chicken dish so we asked the boss to recommend. She said 'yim guk kai' (salt baked chicken) and said her one is different from other people version of yim guk kai. In my mind, I thought of the chicken wrapped with a wrapper and put in the salt mountain and 'grill'. Since the boss said her one is different, we ordered it.

When it arrived, all our expression was like that: =.=". What special yim guk kai, this is just 'hum kai' only la. Nothing special about it. My grandma also can cook. Kena tipu.

Siong Tong La la (RM25). The portion was quite small. Nevertheless, the soup was filled with ginger, good for heating up the stomach. The lala was huge! Nicely done.

Happy Mother's day, mum!


Phui Yee said...

u cant blame the boss la. i mean the yim guk kai is different from the usual one that i have in Seri Kembangan. Still, the one your order is yim guk kai, jux the cooking method is different!

Renji said...

y no ppl comment geh?This MeiChiXuan so damn stupid.She drunk is it?Does she know what the hell she is talking?BOYCOTT them also~!