Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ever since my hair rebonding

Ever since I rebonded and coloured my hair, I received lots of compliments. Even though my rebonding doesn’t really result in a super straight hair due to my shoulder length hair, people still said it looks nice and natural. Swt. But anyway, I am still happy. Who doesn’t like compliments? Hahaha. My RM330 (RM198 for rebonding + RM128 for colouring) was worth it!

When I met Nicole that day, she said I look like Michelle Yeoh. Then I said, “Yer! she is so old!”. Then Nicole responded, “Hey girl, I am praising you ok”. She said she beh tahan looking at my nice hair, and she wanna go get her hair done as well. Actually Nicole is the one who prompted me to get my hair done before I go Bangkok so that I look nicer in pictures.

Then another colleague of mine saw me in the lift that day asked me whether if I am getting married, coz I look prettier and prettier. Hahaha. Maybe gua hor.

Then my colleague Farah said, “Siew Mun semakin comel la, dah nak kahwin ke?”. If I become comel and I can kahwin, then I wanna be semakin comel setiap hari lor.

A lot of people said that I look totally different with my new hair, some of my clients cant even recognize me. Guess they didn’t see my short bob hair cut before. I used to have Victoria Beckham bob hair and it suits me. But because boy boy likes long hair girl, so I wanna grow my hair long.

But hor, my boy boy didn’t praise my new hair. Sad. I purposely grow long hair for him and I specially spent money to do my hair nice nice for him, but he didn’t praise me. Super sad.

Anyway, I will spend some money to maintain my hair by doing treatment once a month in salon. Last time, I don’t even wanna spend my money on that, but now I have realized that having a nice smooth hair is a very important element physically. It totally sharpen up a person’s image.

P/S: Ya, this is a ‘Sai Meng’ (Show off) post. Coz I do not know what to write. I beh tahan not blogging on my own hair after seeing it so nice in pictures. Hahaha.


maro^gal said...

i learn this word recently from somebody ~~ mou lek


phuiyee said...

Marogal: I learn that word as well~~mou lek~~..Hahahaha...SM, you are not sia miang, you are giving hint to someone that you are SO WANTED and DESPERATE to get married..Hahahahhahaha

maro^gal said...

phuiyee: you are sooo right !! hahaa

i think its also the reason why this blog exist.. oopz O.o

Uncle Lee said...

Hello S. Munn, was browsing for durians via Goggle came across your blog. Nice blog.
Enjoyed reading your postings as well your lovely pics.
You keep well and have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.