Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dragon One - SS2 (Revisit - 3)

I think boy boy is addicted to Dragon One already. When I couldnt decide where to go for lunch, he will go for this. I think we visited this place 3 times in 2 months. Actually the food served here is not bad and at a reasonable price too.

Boy boy ordered this (RM5). I forgotten what is it called already. It was a cold dish (not the icy type) filled with mango and jelly and one chinese herb. It wasnt too sweet, just nice. The jelly has some mango taste in it too. I quite like it.

Lychee Ice Blended (RM6.20). The lychee flavour was strong and lots of fruit jelly too! At least it doesnt taste like 90% ice which freeze my gum. I think the drinks and dessert served here are good and for that type of price, it really worth the money.

Hot & Sour (RM6.80) (Ja Jiong) La Mien. The soup was nice, sourish abit and spicy a bit, very thick broth with lots of ingredients. Slurps!

Shanghai Dumpling La Mien (RM6.80). The dumplings were nice, rich in ingredients. The soup was 'ma ma dei' (mediocre) only.

After hearing me recommending this shop strongly, my dad and bro went and tried it. Both of their feedbacks were not so good. My dad ordered hot & spicy La Mien and my bro ordered fried rice. They said both also not nice. Gulp! I said I tried 3 times and 3 times I also managed to order at least one nice dish. They really dont know how to order. Or maybe my bro's taste bud is comparing the one with Shanghai 10?

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