Monday, May 18, 2009

Depends on PY ......

...... is a bit da dangerous. And I will tell you why.

Last Thursday I have take public transport and go to HUKM for official business. In the morning itself, I have this conversation with my mum:

Mum: Take taxi so dangerous.
Me: Never mind la, it is just a short distance only.
Mum: So what! Yesterday newspaper only said a girl who took a taxi from Seksyen 15 to Seksyen 16 got raped! Both area also near what!
Me: ......
Mum: The taxi driver drove her to Kelana Jaya. Although she pleaded him not to rape her, but you think he will care what you say is it???
Me: .......

So, with that thinking in mind, I took STAR and stopped at Bandar Tasik Selatan station thinking to take a Rapid KL bus to HUKM. When I came out from the station, I saw lots of Taxi queing up, but no bus. So I decided to take a taxi.

Once I hopped up onto the taxi, bearing in mind my mum's story, I took down the cab number and color and sms the details to PY. Just in case anything happens to me, someone will still have the details to report police and locate me.

The taxi fella was chatty and friendly too. So I took down his number and said I will need him to pick me up from HUKM to my office after my appointment finishes. He agreed.

Ok, I reached HUKM safe and sound. So I sat on a bench, text-ed PY and chat about other stuffs while waiting for my another colleague. Then half way through sms, PY text-ed me, "Eh, what was your taxi number again? I ter-delete the sms just now".

SWT! Luckily nothing happen to me lor. If really something happen, this girl TER-delete my sms, who gonna save me? "Sei jor dou ng ji fatt sang meh si" (Dead already also dont know what had happened).

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