Monday, May 18, 2009

ChopsSteaks - Bdr Puteri Puchong

After visiting Ning Ning and played Wii and MJ, we (my bro, boy boy and Kinyu) went to Bandar Puteri and searched for restaurant for dinner. That day being Mother's Day, we anticipated most nice restaurant will be packed / fully booked at that particular time: 7.30pm. We round round Bandar Puteri and found this decent restaurant, which doesnt look packed from the outside. Parked our car and went in.

This restaurant offers cheap steaks. Once I looked at the menu, indeed it was really cheap steaks. Cheaper than MaMa Chops Papa Grill. The only thing expensive that I noticed was the Jumbo fruit juice, priced at RM9.80. Erm, a bit too expensive right. Ming Tien is only around RM5 something.

Coleslaw (RM4). Huge amount of it. Taste was not bad but I think the mayonaise was a bit too thick for my liking. If you eat too much of it, it tasted a bit geli.

Mushroom Soup (RM4.50). I was expecting some sort like Campbell mushroom soup but it was not. The mushroom soup served here are from a few types of wild mushrooms. I am not a fan of wild mushroom soup as it carries some weird taste. However, Kinyu said it was good and boy boy said it wasnt bad either.

Lamp Chop with garlic mushroom sauce (RM9.90). 2 pieces of slightly overgrill lamp chops. I have to cut out the burn part. Despite that, the taste was ok. The mushroom sauce was a bit watery lor, a tint of garlic only, no good no good.

Chicken Maryland (RM13.90). My bro ordered this. Bread crumps fried chicken chop. Normal only.

Grill Chicken (RM8.90). Kinyu gave me a piece to try. It was nicely grill (I think I like grill things but not burned things).

Mixed Grill (RM15.90). Boy boy mixed grill has one sausage, chicken chop with mushroom sauce and lamb chop with black pepper sauce. He finished all by himself, terrer huh.

The food was not bad but was not great either. For a cheaper option of steaks, this is the place you can consider going. Too bad, the receipt do not have the address, it is just located in the Bandar Puteri shoplots area, the one beside Giant.

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