Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arigato Guys!

Birthday has over, another not wiser year has passed. Now I am a year wiser, and I am still single. *sad*

Anyway, received lots of birthday wishes, thank you guys, you guys are the best!

The most mou lek sms:
Heng: Happy Birthday! Can get married liao. [Why after birthday have to get married lei???? I think my 30th birthday only I can get married].

The most meaningful sms:
Sze Ting: Happy Birthday! May God grant u the desires of ur heart n may u continue 2 b beautiful inside out. [Ya, I urge you to grant me the desire of my heart!]

The most bombastic sms:
Jojo: Hey Happy Birthday. Hope u had a blast this year. Where are we celebrating?

The most disturbing (my sleep) sms:
Marogal: Happy Happy Big Birthday!!! Hehehe, may all ur dreams come true. Haha wake u up from sleep mo? Hehe don bite me. [She ar, msn with me until 12.30am don’t wanna wish me, until I go bed only wanna sms me, really mau kena from me liao].

The most youngest sms-er:
Happy Birthday Auntie Siew Mun. [Guess who]

The money-minded sms:
Ray: Oik Happy Birthday! Wish u happiness and opportunity to earn alot money to get married.

All sort of farnie sms-es.

You know on Tuesday, boy boy picked me up from GuZheng class. Once I entered the car, he just stepped on the oil and move liao. I looked him and I asked him, "Why you didnt ask me to go open the car boot geh?". He looked at me and laughed. [For people who has forgotten the story as to why I asked this question, click *here*)

Boy boy responded, "Every year also the same meh??? Every year also the same no surprise liao lor". Without giving up, I asked again, "Then where is my flowers?". He said, "no flowers this year". Hmmm.....*sad*.

Thanks my dad, mum, bro and sis for sponsoring RM450 worth of Clinique products.

Thanks boy boy for sponsoring my red hair and dinner.

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maro^gal said...

halo.... why still single have to be sad? be proud la..!!

hahhaaa so glad i got the most disturbing sms award..!! aiyo like tat only u will remember me lolz