Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 months old Baby Ning Ning

Since my bro and gang planning to visit Calvin on Sunday afternoon, me and boy boy went there and find calvin for lunch first. We went to a kopitiam called OldBoy. Yup, you heard me right. Old BOY. How can a boy be old right? Benjamin button meh? Lame name.

Calvin ordered Nasi Lemak. At first Annie said share with Calvin, but she ate like 2 bites of the chicken and 2 scoops of rice and she said finish liao. Calvin got shocked after hearing she said enough already. I also swt. Hahaha. No wonder the husband getting fatter and fatter, I think one of her tactic to make calvin fat so that other girls dont like him. Wahahaha. Maybe I should apply that tactic to my boy boy too.

Fried Loh Shue Fun. A bit oily and the loh shue fun was a bit burned.

Fried wet kuey teow. Tasted weird.

Went to Calvin house to see baby Ning Ning. Took out my new camera and started taking photos with different settings. Calvin's mum said take a photo of Ning Ning smile so she can enter a contest and win a TV. But hor, you look at her, expression like that wo....

Trying our best to make her smile.....

Mouth started moving .....



Took this close up shot with 3 consecutive seconds. Can this be the one million dolar smile photo? or maybe TV smile photo?

Now, I think this is the one million dolar expression .....

Can you win your family a TV? Your mum said will let you watch America Next Top Model wo if you win them a TV.

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