Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ever since my hair rebonding

Ever since I rebonded and coloured my hair, I received lots of compliments. Even though my rebonding doesn’t really result in a super straight hair due to my shoulder length hair, people still said it looks nice and natural. Swt. But anyway, I am still happy. Who doesn’t like compliments? Hahaha. My RM330 (RM198 for rebonding + RM128 for colouring) was worth it!

When I met Nicole that day, she said I look like Michelle Yeoh. Then I said, “Yer! she is so old!”. Then Nicole responded, “Hey girl, I am praising you ok”. She said she beh tahan looking at my nice hair, and she wanna go get her hair done as well. Actually Nicole is the one who prompted me to get my hair done before I go Bangkok so that I look nicer in pictures.

Then another colleague of mine saw me in the lift that day asked me whether if I am getting married, coz I look prettier and prettier. Hahaha. Maybe gua hor.

Then my colleague Farah said, “Siew Mun semakin comel la, dah nak kahwin ke?”. If I become comel and I can kahwin, then I wanna be semakin comel setiap hari lor.

A lot of people said that I look totally different with my new hair, some of my clients cant even recognize me. Guess they didn’t see my short bob hair cut before. I used to have Victoria Beckham bob hair and it suits me. But because boy boy likes long hair girl, so I wanna grow my hair long.

But hor, my boy boy didn’t praise my new hair. Sad. I purposely grow long hair for him and I specially spent money to do my hair nice nice for him, but he didn’t praise me. Super sad.

Anyway, I will spend some money to maintain my hair by doing treatment once a month in salon. Last time, I don’t even wanna spend my money on that, but now I have realized that having a nice smooth hair is a very important element physically. It totally sharpen up a person’s image.

P/S: Ya, this is a ‘Sai Meng’ (Show off) post. Coz I do not know what to write. I beh tahan not blogging on my own hair after seeing it so nice in pictures. Hahaha.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jing's Wedding Dinner

When Jing called me a month ago and asked me whether I am going to XXX's wedding or not. I said no as I am not familiar with her. Then she said, "oh good la like that, then you can come to my wedding that day!" That was how she broke the news to me. My silent loyal blog reader is getting married! or should I say 'has got married'?

I could not be her ji mui as I need to attend Break Out dance comedy in the afternoon, scare tak sempat. So, I can only attend her wedding dinner. Oh ya, by the way, the Break Out comedy was fantastic! Really worth the price except the lousiness of the venue (Wisma MCA hall which does not have a slanting platform and luckily we sat at the 4th row from the front). After watching it, my first response to Scott was, "Nikky should watch this!" coz it was really really farnie and Nikky loves funny shows, especially some make-no-sense show. But no doubt, all 3 of us (boy boy and my bro) enjoyed it a lot.

After that, we caught an early light dinner at McD. After I reached home at 6pm, quickly bath and make up and left my house at 6.45pm. On the way to Bukit Jalil Golf Club, the weather was really dark. I was hoping that it will rain AFTER I have enter the hall.

At the traffic light junction, just one turn and I will reach BJ Golf Club, it rained! =.=" I parked my car (not covered carpark) thinking that should I run out or should I wait until the rain stop? I could have just use the umbrella in my car, but hor, my mum went and change my normal size umbrella to a GOLF umbrella. Me, dressed so sexy, black leggings, 3.5" high heels, together with a golf umbrella????? Totally tarnish my image.

After waiting for 5 minutes, the rain is not going to slow down, I took a breath and said to myself, "die ma die la". Walked to the hall with a golf umbrella, and everyone was looking at me. I told myself that I am not going to care about other people's stares. Stare ma stare la, never see a girl with a golf umbrella before meh??

Once I entered the hall, I got seated at Table 15, which was a very nice spot from the stage.

I love the picture below very much as I find it very artistic (cheh, praising myself pulak). Is just that I dont have a DSLR that can blur off the image behind except the door gift. The angle that I took this photo was very nice, dont you agree? Potential photographer in the making. Wahahaha.

The menu for the night.

Together with the bride, Jing. (I have no idea that I was hunching my back! Looked super ugly in this picture, I mean me).

The two bridesmates aka receptionist - Marogal (yup, is her, cant recognise her after makeup lei?) and Leng (If you wanna buy clothes/dresses, please go and find her). Marogal said that this is her first time becoming a bridesmate and she was so relax, coz the bride has arranged everything for her (from bridesmate dress, makeup, manicure). So nice.

Sorry for the difference in color between the 2 photos, I was experimenting with different parameters with my new camera.

The guy on the left is Onn Tiong aka Wu Tiong Tiong. He said I have become prettier wo. Of coz la, he compared today me with Form 5 me. Hahahaha. Anyhow, I am still happy with that compliment.

I have no idea why my photos turn out so blur. Still trying to experiment with the settings.

See, another farnie picture with weird camera setting.

See, I got a longkang if i pump up a bit. Wahahhaa! Proud proud!

I left around 10.45pm, didnt stay back for the disco, coz I was driving alone. Nowadays is so dangerous. I told boy boy that I will call him around this time while I am driving back, to ensure that if any Mat Rempit or "Sam Patt" fella kacau me, he will know real-time (omg, scientific term also come out already). But hor, he didnt pick up my call. When I almost reach house only he called me back. I dem mou lek lor.

Anyway, wish Jing Jing has a blissful and a wonderful marriage and fast fast get a 'promotion'!

p/s: Marogal, when is your turn?

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Elephant - Section 17

Meeting Nicole for dinner on Friday night. She suggested My Elephant at Happy Mansion for Thai food. I surfed some floggers' website for the quality of the food. All of them praised this restaurant for cheap and tasty Thai food. By the look of the price, it was really cheap. Super looking forward to the dinner.

Once we reached the restaurant and opened the menu, I straight away knew that they have increased the price, not by 10% but at least 30%. A glass of drink was priced at RM3 per glass, but it was RM2.50 a year ago. Nicole's pandan drink was tasteless (that was what she said ya) and my tea drink at least has some taste.
They served brown rice, which is very healthy. But my bro wont come here and eat coz he doesnt eat brown rice.

Seafood Tom Sum (RM20). It was priced at RM12 a year ago. It was embedded heavily with lemongrass. So the soup tasted sour and spicy. I like the taste of the soup, it was really unique and it opens up the appetite. By the look of Nicole, she said the soup was so-so only. As you can from the picture, the soup has mushrooms, prawns, ginger, star fruit (no kidding), fish fillet, and some herbs. Real rich in flavour.

Mango salad (RM12). When this was served, I was doubting the taste of this salad. It looked spicy and oily! Indeed, it tasted weird. The chilli plus the mango combination was a let down.

Signature steam garoupa (RM45). The fish itself was very fresh, and with the sauce together, it tasted quite unique (it was good actually).

We finished the food at 7 something and we left. The place was not condusive for private talking. Nicole was sitting opposite me at a very long table. How to talk like that. The last time we met was in the Japanese restaurant where we chat until 9 something. This My Elephant was just not convenient for chatting.

I dont think I will come back second time as the price was not affordable anymore. Our total bill was RM95, which was quite expensive just for the 3 dishes. I just dont understand why they increase the price so much. If wanna increase then increase 10% is ok la. It really defeats the purpose of "Cheap Thai food" at the first place.

My Elephant does not offers any dessert, so we went to another apartment to search for Food Foundry for dessert. Nicole said the crepe at FF is very nice. When we reached there, I was expecting a crepe to be like... erm....a crepe? I mean the one folded and crispy type (similar to a small booth at Mid Valley ground floor). Mana tahu, FF offers crepe in a cake shape, oooo, that's new to me. So I tabao back a chocolate crepe (RM9) to try.

No offense to Nicole (scare next time she dont wanna introduce me food liao), after my sis tried, my mum tried, I tried, and my most fussy bro tried, we thought that the original crispy crepe is way much better. This cake-shape crepe just tasted so weird lor. I remember HoChiak food program recommended a shop doing this type of crepe as well, they said is the best seller item in the shop. Erm....maybe I really dont know how to eat this thing.

Nicole asked me to try on the dress that she bought from Hong Kong. She said is a birthday gift for my registration of marriage day. Read the sentence again. Is a birthday gift for registration of marriage. She is trying to drop some hints to boy boy.

Thanks Nicole for the gift! Now, I just need to pump up my boobs to get a longkang!

The Sniper

Purposely save this movie until it comes out with asterisk * (means more than 2 weeks) so that I can claim my free movie ticket from GSC birthday gift. Before this, I asked boy boy whether he wanna watch Edison Chen movie or not (coz people boycotting him as well as his movie). Then boy boy's response shocked me (but actually I was expecting it as well la), "Fuiyoh! Must watch!". His 'must watch' for all the wrong reasons, and I dont intend to elaborate.

The movie talks about 2 colleagues, Richie Ren and Huang XiaoMing are both super sniper, but HXM is the only who can fire a headshot at 500m range. As such, he has the promotion to become Commander. At one incident, HXM accidentally shot an innocent man and was sentenced to jail. After 4 years, he comes out and planning for his revenge of Richie Ren, taking out his sniper team one by one.

Where is Edison then? Edison is the rookie of the team, not much screen play until the last part, and one of the incident part where he says "S5 confirm" in a stern tone, quite cool! Edison's naked upper body also not macho also, 'sao mang kai' like that. I like HXM body better, actually HXM is quite leng chai lei, I like to watch him throughout the whole movie.

The movie didnt touch much on the sniper's skill, it kept on focusing on the 'breathing technique' while aiming for the shot. I was hoping they could elaborate more on other skills of a sniper. As a whole, the story line was ok. You get see some bloody scenes at the end.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arigato Guys!

Birthday has over, another not wiser year has passed. Now I am a year wiser, and I am still single. *sad*

Anyway, received lots of birthday wishes, thank you guys, you guys are the best!

The most mou lek sms:
Heng: Happy Birthday! Can get married liao. [Why after birthday have to get married lei???? I think my 30th birthday only I can get married].

The most meaningful sms:
Sze Ting: Happy Birthday! May God grant u the desires of ur heart n may u continue 2 b beautiful inside out. [Ya, I urge you to grant me the desire of my heart!]

The most bombastic sms:
Jojo: Hey Happy Birthday. Hope u had a blast this year. Where are we celebrating?

The most disturbing (my sleep) sms:
Marogal: Happy Happy Big Birthday!!! Hehehe, may all ur dreams come true. Haha wake u up from sleep mo? Hehe don bite me. [She ar, msn with me until 12.30am don’t wanna wish me, until I go bed only wanna sms me, really mau kena from me liao].

The most youngest sms-er:
Happy Birthday Auntie Siew Mun. [Guess who]

The money-minded sms:
Ray: Oik Happy Birthday! Wish u happiness and opportunity to earn alot money to get married.

All sort of farnie sms-es.

You know on Tuesday, boy boy picked me up from GuZheng class. Once I entered the car, he just stepped on the oil and move liao. I looked him and I asked him, "Why you didnt ask me to go open the car boot geh?". He looked at me and laughed. [For people who has forgotten the story as to why I asked this question, click *here*)

Boy boy responded, "Every year also the same meh??? Every year also the same no surprise liao lor". Without giving up, I asked again, "Then where is my flowers?". He said, "no flowers this year". Hmmm.....*sad*.

Thanks my dad, mum, bro and sis for sponsoring RM450 worth of Clinique products.

Thanks boy boy for sponsoring my red hair and dinner.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Italiannies - One Utama

Really feel like eating caesar salad, nowadays cravings for it. Chose Italiannies to dine in on Sunday night. Thought of taking warm water but they dont serve it, forced to order Hot Chocolate.

Caesar salad (RM13.90). As far as I remember, Italiannies serve the best caesar salad around as all the flavourings are just nice. However, that night the salad was too creamy bcoz too much cheese and the cheese was very thick. Luckily I ordered small portion, so the cheesiness is still bearable.

Forgotten the name of this dish tiem. Hehe. (RM30.90). It was served with fried chicken breast on top of spagetti. I ate the spagetti by itself, it was bland. Tried to eat with a piece of tomato, it was sour. Sigh, dont know what to eat with. The chicken breast was dry, and the coating was ok. Quite a normal dish.

Strawberry cheesecake (RM13.90). Actually is 100% cheesecake with some strawberry flavour around it only la. The cheesecake was really a real cheese-cake. It was so rich in cheese. Yum Yum.
"Let me take the whole plate".

"Really cant wait to taste it".

"Ok ok, let you take photo first".

"Let me pose nicely first".

Sigh, I really regret I didnt put makeup on. Too sick to apply makeup. Ya, that was my sick face. Been dizzy for the whole 2 days after taking the antibiotics.

Sing Happy Birthday song to me la!

Ng Si Swine Flu lah

Tuesday started to feel like sore throat coming, so everynight and morning I took a table spoon of Pei Pa Gou to avoid coughing. Mana tahu, it didnt recover, yet the flu started to come on Friday. The whole day I was wrapping wan ton only. Then dont know why my left side thigh started to cramp.

I started to think whether I have the possibility of infecting the swine flu or not. I opened up a file that gave me some background of swine flu. Then I noticed that all my symptoms are so the same as swine flu symptoms. I started to worry. But on the other hand, I didnt travel to overseas and I didnt mingle with anyone who are back from overseas wo. How to infect with this swine flu? Is just the weather only la.

Then later of the day, PY told me that out of 3 swine flu symptoms, I kena two already and she asked me to go check. Swt. I trying to convince myself that this is no swine flu but this PY wanna step on me somemore. Made me more worried.

Saturday morning, I really beh tahan (beh tahan the curiosity of swine flu). Went and see doctor to get some medication to avoid me being sick on my bday. And a weird incident happened during the consultation. I told dr that I have sore throat and flu. Then he asked me, "Do you have fever or cough?". Erm, doctor, I dont know whether I have fever or not, but you are the one that have a thermometer that can measure my temperature, why do you need to ask me this question? "Erm, no le, I dont think so" was my answer to him.

"Do you need antibiotics?"., you are THE doctor, why not you tell me whether I need antibiotics or not rather then you asking me whether I need that or not. "Erm, up to you" was my answer to him. "I will give u a mild antibiotics then".

Ok, took my medicine n went off. Doctor didnt suspect me of swine flu also, why am I so scare lei? He didnt ask whether I came back from USA or not. He didnt ask me to quarantine myself at home also. Means my symptoms are not swine flu symptoms la. Cheh! Sendiri menakutkan sendiri. Syiok sendiri very song meh u think. H1N1 le, dont pray pray.

Depends on PY ......

...... is a bit da dangerous. And I will tell you why.

Last Thursday I have take public transport and go to HUKM for official business. In the morning itself, I have this conversation with my mum:

Mum: Take taxi so dangerous.
Me: Never mind la, it is just a short distance only.
Mum: So what! Yesterday newspaper only said a girl who took a taxi from Seksyen 15 to Seksyen 16 got raped! Both area also near what!
Me: ......
Mum: The taxi driver drove her to Kelana Jaya. Although she pleaded him not to rape her, but you think he will care what you say is it???
Me: .......

So, with that thinking in mind, I took STAR and stopped at Bandar Tasik Selatan station thinking to take a Rapid KL bus to HUKM. When I came out from the station, I saw lots of Taxi queing up, but no bus. So I decided to take a taxi.

Once I hopped up onto the taxi, bearing in mind my mum's story, I took down the cab number and color and sms the details to PY. Just in case anything happens to me, someone will still have the details to report police and locate me.

The taxi fella was chatty and friendly too. So I took down his number and said I will need him to pick me up from HUKM to my office after my appointment finishes. He agreed.

Ok, I reached HUKM safe and sound. So I sat on a bench, text-ed PY and chat about other stuffs while waiting for my another colleague. Then half way through sms, PY text-ed me, "Eh, what was your taxi number again? I ter-delete the sms just now".

SWT! Luckily nothing happen to me lor. If really something happen, this girl TER-delete my sms, who gonna save me? "Sei jor dou ng ji fatt sang meh si" (Dead already also dont know what had happened).

ChopsSteaks - Bdr Puteri Puchong

After visiting Ning Ning and played Wii and MJ, we (my bro, boy boy and Kinyu) went to Bandar Puteri and searched for restaurant for dinner. That day being Mother's Day, we anticipated most nice restaurant will be packed / fully booked at that particular time: 7.30pm. We round round Bandar Puteri and found this decent restaurant, which doesnt look packed from the outside. Parked our car and went in.

This restaurant offers cheap steaks. Once I looked at the menu, indeed it was really cheap steaks. Cheaper than MaMa Chops Papa Grill. The only thing expensive that I noticed was the Jumbo fruit juice, priced at RM9.80. Erm, a bit too expensive right. Ming Tien is only around RM5 something.

Coleslaw (RM4). Huge amount of it. Taste was not bad but I think the mayonaise was a bit too thick for my liking. If you eat too much of it, it tasted a bit geli.

Mushroom Soup (RM4.50). I was expecting some sort like Campbell mushroom soup but it was not. The mushroom soup served here are from a few types of wild mushrooms. I am not a fan of wild mushroom soup as it carries some weird taste. However, Kinyu said it was good and boy boy said it wasnt bad either.

Lamp Chop with garlic mushroom sauce (RM9.90). 2 pieces of slightly overgrill lamp chops. I have to cut out the burn part. Despite that, the taste was ok. The mushroom sauce was a bit watery lor, a tint of garlic only, no good no good.

Chicken Maryland (RM13.90). My bro ordered this. Bread crumps fried chicken chop. Normal only.

Grill Chicken (RM8.90). Kinyu gave me a piece to try. It was nicely grill (I think I like grill things but not burned things).

Mixed Grill (RM15.90). Boy boy mixed grill has one sausage, chicken chop with mushroom sauce and lamb chop with black pepper sauce. He finished all by himself, terrer huh.

The food was not bad but was not great either. For a cheaper option of steaks, this is the place you can consider going. Too bad, the receipt do not have the address, it is just located in the Bandar Puteri shoplots area, the one beside Giant.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 months old Baby Ning Ning

Since my bro and gang planning to visit Calvin on Sunday afternoon, me and boy boy went there and find calvin for lunch first. We went to a kopitiam called OldBoy. Yup, you heard me right. Old BOY. How can a boy be old right? Benjamin button meh? Lame name.

Calvin ordered Nasi Lemak. At first Annie said share with Calvin, but she ate like 2 bites of the chicken and 2 scoops of rice and she said finish liao. Calvin got shocked after hearing she said enough already. I also swt. Hahaha. No wonder the husband getting fatter and fatter, I think one of her tactic to make calvin fat so that other girls dont like him. Wahahaha. Maybe I should apply that tactic to my boy boy too.

Fried Loh Shue Fun. A bit oily and the loh shue fun was a bit burned.

Fried wet kuey teow. Tasted weird.

Went to Calvin house to see baby Ning Ning. Took out my new camera and started taking photos with different settings. Calvin's mum said take a photo of Ning Ning smile so she can enter a contest and win a TV. But hor, you look at her, expression like that wo....

Trying our best to make her smile.....

Mouth started moving .....



Took this close up shot with 3 consecutive seconds. Can this be the one million dolar smile photo? or maybe TV smile photo?

Now, I think this is the one million dolar expression .....

Can you win your family a TV? Your mum said will let you watch America Next Top Model wo if you win them a TV.