Tuesday, April 28, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine

Received 2 free movie preview passes for Woverine in GSC Mid Valley. A much awaited film of the month and I have been eagerly waiting for it when I recieved the free passes 2 weeks ago.

Once we gave our tickets, there were people inside who distribute Nivea Sliver Protect, each of us got one free gift.

The movie started with James' childhood on how he discover his power. After the incident happened, both him (Hugh Jackman) and his half bro, Victor ran away and live a soldier live fighting during world war time. Once they were imprisoned, that was where they met William Stryker, the bad guy of the movie. Both of them were accepted into Team X and that was where the story of James --> Logan --> Wolverine began.

Sabretooth Victor aka Sabretooth by Liev Schreiber was really convincing. He purposely gain tons of muscle weight for the role. He is the best man to play Sabretooth character, his love-hate relationship with Logan was really good. Both of them also possessed regenerative ability, I wonder how Sabretooth gonna die.

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool by Ryan Reynolds as martial artist. Him with his foul mouth got to him at the end (you have to watch it to know what I am talking about). You must watch the way he manned his double swords, super!

Agent Zero by Daniel Henny. An expert in tracking down people and super skillful in handling guns (I mean any type of guns). Quite handsome looking man.

Will.i.am as John Wraith, a mutant that can teleport. Sigh, singer mai suai stick back to singing, his acting skills (or does he has it?) was just bad. His character was super lousy la.

Kayla Silver Fox by Lynn Collins, Wolverine's love interest. She has a really sexy voice, and she does possess special ability too. The one beside her is her sister, Emma Frost by Tahya Tozzi, who has diamond skin.

And my most favourite character in his X-men movie is Remy LeBeau aka Gambit by Taylor Kitsch. The most anticipating character.
Super romantic smile and look.
He was super handsome and yao ying (Bergaya) when he fights too! Unfortunately, he only appeared half way through the movie, fight Logan a bit then after that not that much apperance liao. I was really disappointed lor, should have feature more of him ma.

Pictures credited to www.yahoomovies.com

The movie was nice, but not great. If you dont bring any high expectation in, you will find this is a great movie. The movie focuses more on Logan's pass and how he developed over time to become the character in X-men 1. Sad past he has. I noticed that Hugh Jackman kept on raising his left eyebrow every scene, not tired one meh??? Anyhow, is a must-watch movie.

P/S: Give me more of Gambit then I would say the movie is fantastic. Hahahha.

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Phui Yee said...

You cant expect more Gambit la.. The movie is more to Wolverine ma..duh.. The movie was good, maybe i do not have high expectation before i step in..I prefer Wad..So yau yeng when he plays martial art