Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waroeng Penyet - The Curve

Saturday I went for a hair cut in Kimarie, just to trim a bit of my hair as they are too thick. Then went for a chinese traditional massage in Taman Mega. Super pain plus super 'song'. I enjoyed the whole session but ended up my back paining after that.

Went to The Curve at 6pm for early dinner cause need to catch Fast & Furious movie at 7pm. Thinking of what to eat, so we went and tried Waroeng Penyet since I read lots of reviews on it.

Soda Gembira (RM3.50), actually is sirap bandung plus soda only. Cendol (RM3.90). and Refillable coke (RM3.90).

Lele Penyet (RM6.90). Catfish. The reason why boy boy ordered this catfish was because he tried malay style grill catfish and he loves it. He said the fish was fresh and the meat was smooth.

Ayam Panggang (RM7.90). For my bro who doesnt take spicy food, it was best that he opted for grill chicken for 'safety' reasons. This was my first time trying this restaurant, so I do not know their signature Ayam Penyet itself is spicy or not. Plus, my bro also dare not take the risk. This grill chicken was normal.

Ayam Penyet (RM7.90). Now, this is the most famous ayam penyet that everyone was talking about. Fried chicken with some crunchy stuffs on top. The sambal was spicy, chicken itself was not spicy. Actually, I found the ayam penyet was quite normal, the nasi lemak ayam near Maybank Seapark tasted much more tastier.

I dont like was that the servings above doesnt not served with rice. We have to order 3 bowls of rice each cost RM1.90. What rice they use which is freaking expensive??? Another that I dont like was the served raw cabbage, which was freaking hard and thick. Erm, how to eat cabbage so raw lei?? I dont understand.

Out of the plate, I only took the chicken and the beancurd, others I didnt touch. Totally not worth my money lor like that. I think I will not come back to this restaurant again lor, is not because of the service or the lousy food, it is just not ngam my taste.

Picture of the year. Oh, maybe "Expression of the Year"!
Boy boy is so gonna kill me.....

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