Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 3

During lunch time, we went to Lancome Isetan to redeem ‘free eyebrow trimming’ coupon whereby we got it from Lancome Mobile Van after filling up our name for free testing of auto-vibrate mascara.

We stood at the counter quite long, but is understandable as 3 salesgirls were busy with 3 separate customers. 5 minutes later, the girl came and told us to come back later as they are very busy now. So we said ok.

PY who was determined to get a trim at her eyebrows, and us went to Parkson Lancome. We saw 2 salesgirls were busy with the customers and one salesgirl was available. The salesgirl who are unavailable looked at us ‘one kind’ (neh, that kind of look from those promoters when you dress casual and wanna redeem free gift), and she straight away said, “if you want to get a free eyebrow trimming, you need to make appointment” in a very acsi manner.

Immediately, I turned to PY and said, “so BA BAI, need to make appointment one” then we walked off. I 100% sure that the salesgirl heard my sentence. Ya, it was meant for you to hear! B**ch, ‘dog eye look people down’ (describe people who look down on others). Why Parkson cosmetic counters majority are like that??? Clinique also like that, Lancome also like that. So chuien.

If Lancome wanna offer this type of voucher, then ensure that your salesgirls are willing to accept it as part of the customer service la. Don’t la treat the people with vouchers like that. If the salesgirls show acsi face and unwilling to do it, then don’t give the voucher la. Dem stupid! Tagging Lancome Brow EXPERT pulak, I vomit! If next time that Lancome mobile van come and distribute the same voucher again, I am gonna bark at them. Be prepared.

After work, we went to Isetan again after work to get PY eyebrow trimmed (Really determined she is!) before our Clinique makeup workshop (posting in next post). A ha, this time the salesgirls were very free. So she seated PY and start trimming her eyebrow.

After 20 minutes, her eyebrow was done! Immediately look more semangat.

(That was AL's hand. Coz PY wanted you guys to focus on her well trimmed eye brow and not her face)

If you purchase RM120 voucher, RM100 is redeemable on Lancome products, RM20 is for 6 times eyebrow trimming session and a personal trimming blade for your own. Ceh, promoting them pulak while complaining them a while ago. Just go to Lancome ISETAN and not parkson, KLCC.

See, I am a fair person, if you give me good service, I will promote for you. But if you give me bad service, do expect me to condem hard on it.


Phui Yee said...

boycott parkson..the service in isetan is superb! two thumbs up for them..And i'm thinking to go back for the 6 times eyebrow trimming but wonder what i wanna buy at their counter..hmmmmm...

Baby Ning Ning said...

Auntie PY, mummy said buy their (lancome) mascara, very good wor..

Phui Yee said...

Omg..since when i become auntie, baby ning ning?I'm still a jie jie..ok? Hahaha..their mascare really good? hmmmm..but hor, I oledi have 5 mascara ler..

Renji said...

Wow, the ****ing ***** so lansi to have 1 pair of dog eyes is it?Next time we go there ask her serve then after that we said "let's buy from Isetan Lancome."Muahahah