Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 2

Dad wanted to watch Taken on Sunday morning and asked me to reserve tickets. So I logged in to TGV E-ticketing to reserve my tickets. First, to my dismay, their charging RM1 for booking fees and online payment. I have booked tickets thousands time and this is the first time they are charging RM1 for BOOKING.

I understand if they are charging RM1 for E-payment then that is fine with me, but reservations for ticket also they need to charge??? One Utama TGV facility is so lousy and they are charging RM1 for reservation???? They jeles GSC charging RM1 reservation fee so they also wanna follow. But I think reservation in GSC one-U, there is no additional charge one wo.

Ok, I may overlook the RM1 reservation fee. And while I was in the 'seat selection' page, I was not allowed to reserve the back seats! WTH! You are charging me for RM1 and I am not allowed to choose the seats of my choice??? What nonsense is that!

It seems that TGV has this new policy: Reservation and Pay Online has their own seat selection SECTION. People who make reservation are only allowed to choose within the first six rows while people who pay online are allowed to choose seats 7th row and above.

I am really really disappointed with the new policy that TGV has. It is so obvious that this new policy does not encourage people to make reservation online by limiting them the seat selections. Heck, if we are allowed to make reservation for free (without the additional RM1), I would accept the new seating policy without making a fuss (although I will still be unhappy with it). But, with the additional RM1 for limited seat selection (somemore all are front seats), TGV is making us, the consumer to look for alternatives.

If I were to pay online, I would not opt for TGV, not because of the pricing. It is merely due to GSC and Cineleisure offers better and much comforable seatings than TGV. I am utterly disappointed with TGV. TGV sux big time!


maro^gal said...

since when tgv got provide online reservation and purchasing??.. hahhaa last 2 months i went in still unable geh.... i was quite fed up surfing tgv website also.... so non user friendly.... i use 1 time i scold 1 time...hahhaaa
dont like tgv seats too...!! sit till my neck so pain... =.=''

Phui Yee said...

i'm pissed with TGV as well. I thought og booking movie ticket last week, mana tau they have this new policy, end up i purposely drive there and buy ticket for next day. How stupid is the policy!

siewmun said...

Marogal: TGV online reservation has existed long long time ago liao lor.I book TGV coz got early bird RM6 tickets on weekends for my parents as they wanna watch cheap movie, they dont mind the comfortability of the seats, they just want the last 2 rows.

Phui Yee: why u didnt tell me they got this new policy geh???