Friday, April 3, 2009

The Steamboat - Ikano

Last Sunday evening, it was raining. You know la, once it rains hor, I felt like eating steamboat already. Then hor, I really wanna go back to The Curve and hunt for my RM120 adidas shoe lor. Then I told boy boy, lets go to Ikea, you need to buy your energy saving lamp to light up your room and maybe another floor lamp too. Actually he also knows the real reason (adidas shoe) why I wanted to go there. haha. Cant hide the fact from him tiem.

So we went to Ikea, because they are supporting Earth Hour for the 2 days, we bought the energy saving lamp with RM3 discount. Woop! Then after Ikea, we wanted to have dinner first before going to The Curve, but far far away, we saw a long Q at The Steamboat restaurant. I also mou lek already, thinking that since when this restaurant become so famous out of sudden.

So, I went to Adidas at The Curve. They still having sales but this time they put 2 price tag at the bottom of the shoe, one is before discount, one is after discount. I remembered last time I went with Jackie, there were only one price tag which was RM150+ and the sales guy mentioned the price was before discount. So this time around, one tagged at RM200+, and one tagged at RM150+. After seeking clarification with the sales girl, the price RM150+ was the price after discount. Which means that my Adidas shoe is not RM120, the price that made me thinking about it for a week. As a whole, I still didnt get the Adidas shoe. Hehe.

Sp we walked back to Ikano. While on the way to The Steamboat, my heels suddenly stucked onto the floor (the space between the floor tiles). I felt it, so I tried to lift it up with some strength on my foot. However, it failed as the heel was stucked too tight on the floor. My shoe came off, and I hopped a few steps and pulled my boy boy. He asked why I stop, I said that my shoe came off. Then I went back and use my hand to take up my heels. Luckily the guy at the back of me didnt step on my heels and fall down. Super Latt Seh (embarrasing). Stupid Ikano floor tiles.

After that malu moment, we lined up at The Steamboat for 5 minutes, we got a place. Ordered one pot of clear soup and one pot of tomyam soup. Both also tasted normal only.

Combo Set for 2, that consisted of fuchuk, saucer fishballs, pigeon egg, some fish balls, prawns, fish, crabsteaks, vege, mee, fish mee. For the price of RM33 (I think), the variety was definately lesser than Ho Ho Steamboat which is much cheaper.

Dumplings (RM4.90). It was quite big pieces. I dont like it as they put tons of 'smelly vege' in it. Too much until make it so hard for me to bite a bite of it. Yucks. Plus, my boy boy said the meat tasted sour a bit, dont know why.

Needle mushroom (RM4.90).

If next time I crave for steamboat, I would not come back here. Hehe. Too not worth the money.

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