Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shinjuku Incident

A movie that I was a bit regretted watching it, not because the movie was bad, but it was extremely violent! I hate violent movies. I didn’t know that this is a gangster movie. I thought it is one of those Jackie Chan’s heroic police style type of movie.

If you are expecting lots of kung fu fighting scene, you definitely would be disappointed. Nothing kung fu kung fu about this movie, everything was about ‘Pek Yao’, slashed here slashed there, blood flew everywhere. A bit gory I can say.

Jackie Chan was a huge let down for me. I think he is not suitable to act serious movie lor. He acted as ‘Tai Koh’ (big brother) is fine with me, but he was a bit weird when acting some love scene, or maybe something that requires him to have some sentimental side. Just so not comfortable with him on the sentimental side.

The 3 things that I like about this movie were:
Daniel Wu. Daniel Wu as scardy cat was really good and when he turned bad, it was really believable. I just pity his character, always at the wrong place and at the wrong time, ended up being beaten up like mad, I mean real dead serious bad. His gothic look at the end was really scary.

The Japanese guy who acted as Eguchi (couldnt find a proper and more leng chai picture of him). He is real handsome, I really like him wo. Since young I always imagine my future boyfriend has this type of look, face bone structure, body shape and hair style. Eguchi’s look almost mimics my ‘Bak Ma Wong Ji’ (Prince Charming). Sigh, whatever we dream as Prince charming when we are young, we can never get the same when we grow older. :P

And Fan Bing Bing. She has the eyes that attract me. She is so amazingly beautiful. She has the poise and grace acting as Lily, the pub owner and a Chinese immigrant who speaks Japanese, strong independent woman. Compared her to Xu Jing Lei as Xiu Xiu (Eguchi’s wife), FBB is 1000x pretty than her.

The movie was a bit draggy as a whole. It just refused to finish at that point of time and it continued, continued and continued for 2 hours. The sequence was like: suffer --> pek yao --> glory --> pek yao --> glory --> pek yao. Sigh. This movie was just not my cup of tea. However, for people who like pek yao scenes will enjoy the movie.

On the bright side, the story was narrated well on Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu’s character. It described how JC reached Japan, how he survived the situation, how determined he wanted to save his allies / friends, how he willing to give up his love interest for the sake of his friends ; how Daniel Wu wanted to leave a normal life and under circumstances forces him to change his destiny, etc.

Actually it was quite tiring to watch the movie as well. When they speak Mandarin, then it was fine. The moment they changed it to Japanese, I have to look down at the English / mandarin subtitles, then when they replied in Mandarin, I look up at the screen again, speaks in Japanese, then I look down again. Too tiring la like that. Then hor, they don’t speak 100% mandarin, they speak mandarin in one sentence, continue the next sentence in Cantonese. Mou lek.

On another note, it was an eye opening for me to look at the dark side of Shinjuku. How the poor survive with doing some illegal businesses. How the people with power bully the powerless people. How sad.

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aHhaha... u forgotten 1 more language..... HOKkien !!! appear quite often in their sentences tooo.... lolz