Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sessions after movie

Now, back to my last week events, I have interrupted it with a series of happenings in these few days.

After Confession of a Shopaholic movie with Annie, it was 9pm and Calvin supposed to come and pick us up. When I called him, he said he is in Wangsa Maju, just wanna have dinner with friends, and asked us to take dinner there. Thinking of what to eat as both of us are not really hungry (we had Aunty Anne's pretzel during the movie), we decided to go to Sakae Sushi.

We were the second last customers that went in coz their last order was 9.15pm and we went in at 9.10pm. Maybe last order already, they simply prepare their dishes as I do not find their dishes impressive at all.

I ordered: Agedashi Tofu. The tofu was alright but the mushroom tasted weird with the whole combination.

California Temaki. Simply simply wrapped a temaki roll for me, the rice were falling out, and it was not pressed nicely, the vege was soggy like going to expire like that. Sigh, total disappointment with this.

Salmon Sashimi. Normal.

Annie ordered these:

9.45pm, we paid our bill and left. Went into Chamelon, as Annie wanna buy some hair accessories. Then 10pm, Calvin called and asked where are we, then I said 2 more minutes we will be out liao. Before that, we already fix a location to pick us up.

Mana tahu, his definition of the location was different than mine. We went out at the Coach exit, and walked along the road and I though Calvin was supposed to wait for us there. Then we walked walked walked, still couldnt see his cars, then we walked further up again, Annie complained her feet pain already. Hehe.

Then finally, we saw Calvin's car stopping at the bus stop there, which were in front of the LV entrance. Which means, we came out at one end of KLCC and Calvin was waiting for us at the other end of KLCC. Mou lek. We walked so much 'yuen wong' road. Supposing 2 minutes we can walk to the car liao, mana tahu we walked for 10 minutes. Poor Annie. Hehe.

Since Annie and Calvin 'fong kam', how can they miss the opportunity for yumcha session. I was so dem tired already, but I couldnt sleep in the car, dont know why. 45minutes drive from KLCC back to Calvin's house in Puchong. Then both of them changed clothes and we went to SS2 to yumcha.

Supposingly the yumcha venue was Ehsan mamak in Seapark, but it was drizzling that time. So they suggested Island Cafe. They said 'Chui Chui Sui' (The mandarin name of Island cafe), but my brain processed the information as Yipee Cup Cafe. So I didnt say anything as Yippee Cup serves nice Bubble Milk Tea.

Then hor, when Calvin drove straight passed the Yippee Cup, then I asked where are we going. He said Chui Chui Sui ma. Then only I noticed it was the lousy cafe that I had dinner in last last Tuesday. Then I said, "yer, the food also not nice, environment also noisy, I dont want le". Luckily they couldnt find parking, so they changed venue to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

Wong Kok offers quite a large variety of drinks wo, priced between RM5.50 - RM8.80 I think. The tall middle yellow drink was what I ordered. Quite nice wo and I like it.

Nikky ordered his hot drink which came like 15 minutes later than us, that's why his drink was featured separately. They joked that why the real drink looks different than the picture in the menu. The menu one looks nicer. Haha. I forgotten the name of this drink liao, is it Daniel Wu or Jay Chow?

Almost 12am, my eyes were almost closing, as I was extremenly exhausted. Thinking of tomorrow morning need to wake up at 6.30am to go visit my late grandfather cemetery in Nilai, I bet I wont have enough sleep.

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Nikky said...

Itu drink panggil Gu TinLok ..haha