Monday, April 27, 2009

San Francisco Steak House - Tropicana Mall

I suggested Tropicana Mall for dinner, then Annie suggested San Francisco Steakhouse for dinner. Dem mou lek, coz I was wearing shorts and slippers on that day. My philosophy is to dress well, or at least decently, or at least a long pants la when dining at a steakhouse. But Annie insisted wanna dine there, so I also thick face went into the restaurant. Luckily the waiter there didnt kick me out.

Baby Ning Ning in her stroller. So hyper active the whole night, she doesnt wanna sleep. The parents shaved her hair again!

"Open eyes big big for camera".

Then got scared of it, dont dare to look liao.

"My parents asked me to go sleep, but I couldnt".

Free bread. The inner part was soft but the skin was dem hard. The garlic butter hor, no garlic taste at all. Italiannies serve much nicer bread.

Annie ordered Ribeye Steak (RM45.90). Annie was happy with the taste, but she was not happy with the portion.

They also ordered Macaroni & Cheese (RM7.90). Annie said it was super cheesy, made her jelak after taking a few scoops.

Boy boy ordered Lamp Chop (RM33.90). The lamb chops were fat! I means half of it were fats. Boy boy cant even eat it, dem thick fats! The meat itself was nice, juicy and tender. But hor, 50% of the portion was fats! How to eat??? Cut the price into half la like that.

I ordered Chicken and Mushroom Pie (RM18.90). Although the potato was big, but hor, it was quite hard lor, not soft. I saw they used some herbs on it, but still, tasteless one.

The pie has mushroom, carrot slices and chicken. The pepper was not strong, I have to sprinkle tons of pepper into it, and their pepper no taste one. Compared to Dome's version of it, Dome's is thousand times much better than this. This tasted like the one offered in Secret Recipe only, whereby SR is cheaper by a few ringgit.

Once the dishes were served, we were shocked to see the portion of it. The vegetables were pathetically less. Maybe they served it in a big plate, so making it looks like the portion is very little. If you like to serve the food in a small portion, please dont use a super big plate for it la. The portion was disappointing.

Compared to SFSH before they shifted in to Tropicana Mall, they serve huge portion of food, and the menu was extensive. I dont know why they downgraded themselves to 'cafe' level. It is like eating out cafe food at a steakhouse price. The food offered here was not much either. Annie said Mixed seafood platter was not in the list also. So, dont call yourselves as Steakhouse la, just settle with San Fran Cafe, and LOWER down the price too!

Another dissatisfaction was the bill. The bill took like 15 minutes to arrive. The table beside us complained about it. I wondered why they took so long. Wasting people's time only. Lousy service. Annie said she wont pay a second visit, not worth the money. So do I.

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Phui Yee said...

baby ning ning: you are so adorable..the eyes so big.. Hahahaha..