Thursday, April 9, 2009

Restaurant King Crab

My family and Jojo's family met up for dinner at King Crab. We went there at 6.30pm and we insisted to sit on first floor, not the ground floor. They were reluctant at first but we still insisted it. We sat until 8pm only the people started to pour in. It was so obvious that their business was affected by the economy, last time, their restaurant used to be packed by 7pm. Now it was so quiet already.

Dont know how to describe this dish. Tau Gan in English call what lei? I also dont know.

Thai Style Chicken. The chicken was crispy and the thai sauce was not not bad either.

Ying Yong Kai Lan.

Guiness Pork Ribs.

Sweet and Sour Pork. The pork was a bit crispy but my bro said the meat a bit hard. The sweet and sour sauce was good.

Hot and spicy Crabs. The crab that day was a bit hard lor, I mean the shell. Found it so difficult to crack open the shell. Normally, I can crack open using the plyers, but today ones were so hard. At first, the captain wanna promote their 'Snow Crab', which cost RM250 per kg. Crazily expensive.

Kam Heong Lala.

I took a lala that has a tiny crab in it, I thought it was yucky as I never seen a crab in a lala before. Then Ray said that lala feed on baby crab, so this one obviously havent digest the crab yet and kena caught already. I doubted his answer, then my dad said that was the correct statement. Opps. Anyhow, I didnt eat this particular lala, a bit geli looking at it.

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