Tuesday, April 28, 2009

opps, wrong side!

(Before I start my story, I must let you know that I have this grey working skirt that split in front towards the left side).

After lunch, after I came out from the toilet, I was looking down at my skirt, trying to see my sexy leg in between the split. Then I realized something was missing. Where is my split in front? Then I looked behind of my skirt and found the split was at the back of my skirt. I quickly rushed back to the toilet and amended it.

I didn’t notice that I was wearing my skirt the other way round (front become back, back become front). Somemore, I walked from LRT station to my office in the morning, then walked from office to Ampang Park for lunch. Aiks! DEM PAi Seh!

After adjusting the skirt, I went into the office and told PY about it. I told her not to laugh at me, and I asked her why she never highlight it to me. Instead she said, “how I know lei, I was thinking why your split at the back so weird, but it looks nice!”. SWT! Still say it looks nice pulak. I really wanna faint.

Dem pai seh la! If split exactly at the middle of the back, then is fine coz this type of split is normal. But split at the back towards the right side, it is called SENGET!


maro^gal said...

hey... i'm laughing again.... why so silly wan you

but i dont really understand how ur skirt looks like... the split is open like tat wan ar?... a triangle? if jus open normal... nothing wan mar... behind infront also can...

btw... no need go toilet la... jus twist like tat mai tak lok.... hahhaaa sometimes skirt.. walk walk har.. will twist here and there wan ler.... where got pai seh??? hmmm may be i don und wat u mean gua.. hahha coz doesnt sound embarase to me..lolz

Renji said...

SM: who will know u wear another way round. Normally ppl see "long kang" only la. Unless ur split is very geng la. Then maybe ppl will notice