Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing better to do is it??

[Before I proceed with the story, just to let you guys know that there are 2 phones in my house, one is positioned in the living room and another one is in my room.]

So, early Sunday morning, phone rang once, twice then gone.

Another 10minutes, phone rang once, twice and then gone again. So I thought maybe my mum pick up the call from the living room or maybe the caller dial the wrong number. I continued sleeping.

Another 10minutes, again it happened. That's it, I woke up and walked to the living room and sat down, a bit mad coz I dont like to be disturbed while I am sleeping (I am a light sleeper, it is very difficult for me to get back to sleep once I am awake). I asked my mum who called.

She said, "The kid asked whether I got wear panties or not".

SWT! I thought I heard wrongly.

She repeated, 'some secondary school kids play prank calls la, asked whether got wear panties or not la, wear what color of panties la etc, called 5 - 6 times already since morning'. MOM~!!!! you still got the mood to pick up 'mou liu' calls for 5 - 6 times??? So geng one you! Just shut the phone down la.

Then hor, while talking, the phone rang again. My dad also was awake due to the phone calls. He went and picked up, with a rough voice, "HELLO!". Then the kid put down the phone.

We pulled out the telephone cord after that.

Dem stupid la. Who the hell on earth are so free to play prank calls??? Really got nothing better to do ar? On an early Sunday morning somemore. Go study la you bastards, come kacau people for what. Mau kena belasah is it??


maro^gal said...

nice post.... laugh die me.... ahahhahaaaa

ur mum very geng...really got the mood to answer them... lolz

so crazy wan... 1st time i heard bout this....

i always got babies calling my hp no.... hahaa

Phui Yee said...

i will play around with the caller lo..Fool him unitl he hang up (to make his bill expensive).. Hahaha..

siewmun said...

marogal: laugh die u again ar???

phuiyee: so free so play with them meh...

Renji said...

aiyo next time got that kind of call pls pass to me. moan until he beh tahan. Muahaha.