Thursday, April 23, 2009

A night in Kuantan

Flew to Kuantan on FireFlyz. First time taking FireFlyz, so I was a bit scare and skeptical as lots of people said it will be very bumpy. Die lor like that, I air sick, somemore bumpy, sure vomit la like that. A bit worried.

But hor, the journey was ok, and they were on time. Plus, they served a cup of orange juice and a biji muffin. Not bad. At least got something to makan. The air stewardess were friendly and always smile. Compared to another low budget airline that has no food (unless you pay for it), no drinks, and no friendly smile. First time experience with FF, satisfactory. Will choose to fly with them next time.

Finished official work at 4.30pm, so we drove to hotel and check in. Upon entering the room, it has 2 single beds. I swt. Why the heck they gave me TWO single bed??? cant you see that I am travelling alone??? My bad also for not asking for a single queen size bed at first. Sigh, no choice, dumped my luggage back on top of the extra bed, dumped some clothes on the sofa, to indicate that 'is occupied, please do not sit'.

5.30pm, left the hotel and went to explore food for dinner at Tanjung Lumpur. Along the road, this was the only decent shop with some clean and good decorations I can say. So, we went in.

Lots of seafood was display at the entrance, and the price per gram was also display on the board. I let Aida and Mimi proceed with the ordering.

Grill! I love grill fish. The one in Selayang still vivid in my tastebud. Hahaha.

Snapped some pictures while they are ordering the food.

Sambal kangkung. It looks more like stir fried instead and tasted like it indeed. Where is the sambal??? cant taste it at all.

Erm, what you call this thingy? Bamboo clam? Stir fried with some chilli sour sauce. Tasted bland. Due to the bland sauce, it doest cover the fishy taste the clam. The fishy taste was so strong until I cant even take the 4th piece and put into my mouth.

Fried Sotong with flour. Standard dish. At least it was not oily and the tepung was quite thin. The chilli sauce somehow tasted like the ones with keropok lekor chilli sauce. The sotong was fresh.

Hot and sour prawns. The prawn was not so fresh coz the shell sticked to the flesh, made it quite hard to de-shell it. The sauce tasted more like tomato sauce than spicy.
Sambal Petai Grill Fish. I dont eat petai actually, but the petai here doesnt smell like strong petai, but I still didnt take it. The fish was big and it was quite fresh. Again, the sambal doesnt taste like sambal.
At first my colleague told me that they ordered all spicy dishes. I was scare at first, scare my poor stomach cannot tahan. But hor, after tasting all the dish, that were not spicy at all, I can say the spiciness level was like 5%, even my bro also can eat it. Total bill was RM64 plus the drinks.Quite a disappointing dinner though. Maybe I expect the level same as the Selayang Grill Fish.

After that, went to Teluk Chempedak to see sun set. But hor, the sun already set-ed la. See the sky la!

Stong wind, nice beach.

Mimi and I.

Walked to the food court nearby. Ordered fruit rojak. The difference was that they added honey dew in it. First time eating honey dew in rojak. Hehe. The rojak sauce was not great either.

Went to this Dessert stall thought of ordering the ABC with ice cream coz it costs RM2.50 only, which to me was very cheap. But hor, I saw a newspaper cutting on the glass recommending their Jelly Ice instead. Oooo, quite new to me. Ok, one jelly ice please!

Actually the jelly was at the bottom, covered with shaved ice on top, together with water melon, pineapple, laici. With the tint of lemon flavour in it, it tasted extra omph! The first few scoops were great, until the end hor, I felt like drinking ice water already.

After a super full stomach, we went to Berjaya Megamall (sounds glamour but lousy one) to walk. The winding curl road to the top of the car park was super dizzy. It was like we turn and turn for 8 rounds I think. Stupid design. Must sack the architect who design such parking. Bought Fast & Furious tickets (ya, that was my second time of watching it) for 10.30pm show. When the show finished, I was so dem tired already.

12.30am. I finished bathing and I sat on the bed and watching the TV. Switching the channels back and forth to find a suitable program for me to watch until I fall asleep. I stopped at 8TV whereby there is a VJ and MTVs to show. Ok, that's good, listening to music while falling asleep.

After 5 minutes, this VJ went and said the most absurd thing in the whole wide word, "Let's us talking about something, do you believe in ghost? many people do believe ....". I straight away changed the channel. WTH!!! I am in the hotel alone at midnight and you are gonna talk about the most pantang thing that I fear of??? Absolute madness! So dem wanna cekik her!

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Phui Yee said...

Why all the food look so-so only? plus all the sauces look like tomato and chili sauce..eeeEEeeeeEEEeeeeee