Monday, April 27, 2009

New tactics

In KJ LRT station, when I scan out from the counter, sometimes there are a few people conducting survey (I assumed la). What I notice is that they target different group of people every time, sometimes all female aunty, sometimes all young ladies etc. But I never kena once coz I don’t even bother to look at them and just rushed pass them only. If got free gift then I will do the survey lor, if no free gift then I don’t bother.

So hor, yesterday the survey people was there again, this time targeting young guys. When I walked pass a pair (one survey girl, one passer-by guy), I heard the survey girl said, “you no need to be so scare la, I am not going to rape you”. The guy just smiled embarrassingly.

I know you wanna attract guys to do a survey, but don’t la say until like that. Girl rapes guys??? (Got la, marogal got posted news on it). To me, it sounded a bit rude, or maybe blunt, or maybe….i also don’t know how to describe it. To me, it just sounded so …… weird.

I went into the magazine shop waiting for my bro. Once he arrived, he told me, “Jie, these people (survey girl) are so crazy, she kept on pulling my shirt and don’t let me go”. Aiyo, isn’t that a bit too much ar??? So desperate until pull passerby shirts???? Hooker meh???

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maro^gal said...

hahhaa saw a few times.. u mention my blog in ur post... hahhaa i don mind you can link my blog together too... lol.... thx (advertising here tim >.<)

btw... i saw those sales ppl targeting kids too!!! cos the parents will ignore them and keep walking.. i saw once the sale man keep telling the little boy... you want this toy (free gift)?? the boy shook head... then he continue... hmm wat about balloon? many colors.. which u want?? the boy so smart just follow the parents shake the head.. hahhaaa the sales man also mou lek...

i think the wan say rape the guy... jus wan to cool down the situation make some joke gua.. hahhaa