Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mei Chi Xuan - Dataran Sunway

That day my dad said he found a restaurant that Eric Tsang and lots of famous actors visited before. So he said he wanna go back to the restaurant and try out other dishes. I asked what was the name of the restaurant. He said he dont remember coz the restaurant name is in 'Pin Yin' (my dad doesnt read mandarin), but he only knows how to go there.

So Saturday night we went together with Raymond, gu cheh and my grandma. When we reached the restaurant, it was Mei Chi Xuan, the very much hyped restaurant that food bloggers were talking about. Actually I wanted to try it before Annie gives birth to Ning Ning. But tak sempat already, Ning Ning wanna come out to the world already that time. Hahaha.

Once we entered the restaurant, we saw lots of celebrity pictures on the wall together with the lady boss. We just glanced through the menu and my dad & my bro ordered the food without looking through the menu, but pointed at the food photos on the wall instead.

Braised Duck (RM60). This dish was pricey, we didnt know the price coz my bro just ordered it from the wall. However, my mum said that a normal roast duck already costs RM40, somemore this dish has lots of ingredients (water chestnut, mushroom etc) in it, so it definately worth it. The meat was tender and the sauce was sweet. I love the ingredients in it though.

Beancurd (RM15). Normal.

Claypot Brinjals with Fish Paste (RM15). This dish was quite oily until the end. The brinjal has strong taste of ginger, the fish paste was not fishy and it tasted just nice. I would prefer the same dish in Magic Wok.

Pork Knuckles (RM40). The pork knuckes were served with another dish of Thai-like sauce with lots of onions, cucumber slices and some chilli. The lady boss said is better to separete the sauce from the knuckles as some people would prefer it without the sauce. The pork knuckles itself tasted super crunchy and the meat was tender. This dish was almost on par with the pork knuckles served in German restaurant. Not bad.

I dipped a few pieces of the pork with the sauce. It added extra omph to the dish. To me, lots of onions taste thousand times better. Hahaha.

It was not that high class restaurant, it was just like normal air-con 'dai chao' only, with around 4 big tables and 5 small tables. Actually I expected the restaurant to be packed but throughout our dining session, it was half full only. My parents like this restaurant, they said they will come and visit this restaurant again.

For me, I will definately come again to taste their crab. The crab costs RM28 per kg, which is consider cheap to me (King Crab's crab is RM43 per kg). My bro asked me in low tone, "jie, you will come back here again to try the crab right??". Then I smiled at him, "ok, next time I come I will bring you along".

Mei Chixuan Restaurant
32A1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
PJU 5, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara.

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