Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Taiwan - One Utama

Sunday morning went shopping with my parents and my sis in One Utama. Actually I wanted to buy a walking shoe. But hor, no more sales around, made me no mood to shop. Walked for 2 hours also cant buy a thing. Sienz la like that.

So me and my dad started hunting for food while my mum n sis still shopping around. I heard marogal said there are a lot of eateries at the old Giant area. So we ventured there. Passed by New York New York (is it what it is called?), read marogal's review said that it was so-so only. So we continued walking, walked passed Little Taiwan, immediately I told my dad, 'NO, not this restaurant, super not nice, the one in Avenue K sux!'.

But hor, he kept on staring at the restaurant. So we walked and flipped their menu. Eh, this restaurant do not have a branch in Avenue K one it must be a different entity but with the same name only. So we walked in.

Super colorful and attractive menu.

(Purposely took photo of the following page for PY. Note the Ma Latt dishes).

Wide range of snacks that they offer.

Mango Ice Blended (RM6.90) that has more ice than mango taste. The ice was so much, it iced my gum, and made my gum super numb. So hard to drink.

Tiramisu Shake (RM6.90). My sis said tasted more like chocolate shake rather than tiramisu shake.

Beef Meatballs noodles (RM12.90). It certainly looked small portion when it was served because the rectangular dish was so big and just a small patt of noodles at the side with 2 meatballs. My dad and I swt when it was served. Hehe. The soya sauce noodle taste bland. However, the meatballs werent bad, the 2 biji was huge, like 4 times Ikea meatball size. The meatballs tasted good actually.

Three Treasure Beef Noodle (RM13.90). Again, me and my dad swt when it was served, from the picture it certainly looked nothing right? The portion was alright for a lunch meal, but certainly not full for dinner. My dad said the soup tasted nice.

Beef Claypot Hor Fun (RM11.90). My sis said it was ok.

Notice that all the above dishes were beef? Coz this restaurant is halal, no pork served. I almost wanted to order the rice with the braised pork on top (signature Taiwanese rice), then only I notice the front of the menu wrote halal taiwanese cruisine. Opps. How can a Taiwanese restaurant not serve pork!! Most famous in taiwan is their pork! Sigh, so I decided to try their beef.

Actually this restaurant was quite packed during lunch time and the taste wasnt bad lor, is mediocre. Much better than that Little Taiwan in Avenue K, which served lousy Taiwanese food. Maybe next time I will come here and try their chicken dishes.

Little Taiwan
LG 325/326,
One Utama.
Tel: 77295582

(Tiny directions: Old Giant area, opposite Digi, besides Tepanyaki).

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