Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lan Je Steam Fish - Kota Damansara

Wanted to eat Lan Je for lunch but it was already 1.30pm, go there 2pm then scare they say no more fish. So ended up in SS2 McD which offers value meal at RM6. First time eating their value meal after they launched it months ago. Super long Q with a super slow service. Sigh.

Walked out from McD and went into 100 Yen Shop and tried their Snow Ice (RM4.90). Boyboy said very nice after he tried once in Puchong. So we just ordered one bowl - Milk Ice with chocolate flakes. This photo was taken with boy boy's HTC phone, quite clear hor? see my hand eagerly waiting to eat the ice.

Whoa, I didnt know that it tasted so great! The ice was mixed with milk, and shaved until thin pieces of ice. Totally different from ABC, ABC ice numb my gum and made my stomach so cold. But this snow ice didnt numb my gum and teeth le, plus it wasnt too sweet or too bland, just nice. Totally a YES for me next time.

Since we couldnt eat Lan Je fish last night and today lunch time, we decided to go for dinner instead. We reached there (yup, we managed to find the place) at 6.45pm like that and the restaurant (2 shop lot) was 3/4 full with patrons. We waited for 5 minutes only the lady boss came and took order from us (she has been ignoring my hand waving for hundred times!).

I was already half pissed. When she came, she told us that we have to wait 1 hour for the food to be served. I was like WTH??? But our drinks were served, how to leave lei like that. Then I said we wait lor. We saw a few patrons left after hearing the lady said 1 hour waiting time. Luckily boy boy has his HTC phone so that I can play games while waiting (100% addicted to the games). Hehe.

45 minutes later, the fishes arrived. Steam Tilapia Fish (RM15.50 each). Wonder why we 2 person ordered 2 same fish? This is because Lan Je is famous with their tagline, '1 person 1 fish' so that each of us no need to fight for the fish. We can have one fish for ourselves. When Nikky told us this 1 person 1 fish thingy while we were at Rawang last time (yup, we drove 1 hour plus there to just eat the steamfish and drove 2 hours back to PJ under heavy rain), I dont quite believe him that time. Hahaha.

Steam Tilapia toppled with tons of ginger and garlic and chilli. They offer 3 types of toppings: original, mild spicy and stong spicy. We ordered the orginal ones. I think it has more ginger coz I felt my stomach was heated after eating it. The fish was fresh and it doesnt have any muddy taste at all. It was served hot, so everything tasted nice while it is hot.

Compare boy boy fish and my fish. His one was so clean.

If you are super hungry, please do not come here as the waiting time can kill you. I stongly suggest that to make a call and reserve your fish first while you are on the way, in order to minimize the waiting time.

Lan Je Steam Fish
F-50G, Jalan Teknologi 3/9,
Bistari DE Kota,
Kota Damansara,
PJU 5, 47810 PJ.
Tel: 012-6699919

(Tiny Directions: Coming from Ikea on Persiaran Surian, go straight in until you see McDonald and Shell Petrol Station on your right. After traffic light, turn left into Mediviron and a big mamak stall in blue. Follow the road and Lan Je is behind the mamak stall.)

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