Saturday, April 11, 2009

The International

Boy boy was on duty during PC fair yesterday. Early morning I told him that I will spot check him during lunch time. Then he said come la. When I told my colleagues that I am going to spot check my boy boy, they all have the same reaction and said, 'dashyatnya siew mun!'. I just laughed it off. It was meant to be a joke la, if I really were to spot check, I wont tell boy boy that I will be going to spot check him la, and I will send PY to spot check him. Hahaha.

After work, I walked to KLCC and bought a movie ticket at TGV, coz I need to wait for boy boy to finish his work at 9 something and we can go back home together. I wanted to watch:

- Taken --> no more shows liao
- K20 (Takeshi Kaneshiro starring) --> 8.30pm, too late.
- He is just not that into you --> 8.30pm, too late also.
- Knowing (Nicholas Cage starring) --> 9pm. Obviously late.
- Fast n Furious and Shinjuku Incident and Shopaholic --> All I watched liao.
- Soul Men (late Bernie Mac starring) --> 7.10pm, nice time, but I dont feel like watching.

Sigh, I thought one person watches movie makes the decision-making process easy, mana tahu it was so hard to decide. Ended up I bought The International 6.15pm show. When I was walking towards Cinema 6, no one was following me (everyone went in to Cinema 3 for FF4), I was thinking, "die lor, tak kan I am the only one watching the movie meh? whole cinema, only me ar? a bit creepy lor like that". Started to worry.

Once I opened the door, I saw a couple sitting there already. Phew! at least got people, not so scary. When the movie started, there were like 20 people in the cinema. Guess I worried too early. Haha.

I also dont know how to review this movie, dont know start from where. I came in with no expectation at all. Erm, actually got la, I was expecting lots of action, but there were only one scene that has some action in it. The movie was a bit confusing at times (too many names and too many corporation involved), maybe I am too dumb. The movie ending was a bit chin chai lor.

Guess this is my shortest movie review ever. Hahaha. Coz I really dont know how to write. No leng chai and leng lui for me to write about also. The movie ended at 8.15pm. Sigh, still got one hour more for boy boy to finish his work. So, I went to San Francisco and grabbed an ice blended chocolate (cannot drink coffee coz I scare cannot sleep).

Boy boy called me at 9.30pm. Which means that I actually waited for him for 1 hour 15 minutes. Hahaha. I spent that time reading The Sun only. Now only I know the benefits of having a laptop or an iphone. Actually not complaining, coz I wanted to find some time to see my boy boy this weekend ma, since he is busy with the PC fair. So the only time to see him is after the PC fair is close.

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