Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am getting dumber & dumberer

Today early in the morning once I looked at my computer screen, I saw a message from Calvin in MSN (I didnt off my msn the whole night as I kena food poisoning half way through online, will elaborate it in the next post). His message:

Nikky is getting married!

Then I was so shocked, half believing it, half not believing it. But come to think of it, how can Nikky get married earlier than me??? He didnt say he wanna get married also, suyin also told me before she is not getting married soon. How come geh??? I was excited! Can be Ji Mui again. Woohoo~!! Later must congratulate him.

When I reached office, Boy boy called and asked how am I. After I told him I am fine and recovered from food poisoning already, I asked him, "eh, do you know that Nikky is getting married??? Earlier than you woh! I wonder why he get married so fast hor".

Then he laughed, "erm, today is April Fool's day la".

Opps! Kena food poisoning until I blur liao. Luckily boy boy was the first one I told, if I send out email announcing Nikky is getting married hor, then I dem Latt Seh (Malu) already. This Calvin ar.... so like to con me, you go and con people saying that you gonna be a dad again la, sure people will fall for it one. At least, I will fall for it. Whahahaha.

I know today is April Fool's day la, but i really blur liao. Even before today, I told PY not to april fool me, coz for sure I know I will kena one. So, she being so nice and heard my food poisoning story, she didnt play any pranks on me. Phew!

Then later of the day, Nicole smsed me,

"Hey, Happy April Fool's Day, dont get conned ya!"

I really big SWT la, now only tell me, too late liao, I kena conned early in the morning already. I replied her sms, I bet she was laughing like mad, hor Nicole??? But thank you Nicole also la, she expected I will get conned by people already, she being so nice, remind me about it first. Hahaha.

Later of the day, I need to arranged for Saturday Fast n Furious movie, so I sent out smses to the gang. Before I sent the sms, I particularly ended the sentence with, "Please note that this is not an April Fool's sms". If I dont write that hor, sure no one will reply my sms.

I smsed to everyone asking whether they are available for the 4.45pm show or the 7pm show. After getting all the confirmation from everyone (except Boy boy, but I still assume he is going), Calvin has the bought the tickets during lunch time. He said he bought 8 tickets (supposingly is 7 only), he forgotten that I wrote to him said that my bro is not joining, so he bought the additional '8th' ticket for my bro. Now, even while I am writing this sentence, I still dont know whether Calvin is playing an April Fool's prank on me or not. Calvin, actually did you buy the 8th ticket?

Around 7pm like that, I only recieved Boy boy's sms said he preferred 7pm movie show. Swt, people already bought the tickets long time liao, now only he wanna reply the time slot. So, I thought of playing April Fool on him, I replied, "aiyo, calvin bought 4.45pm tickets already woh, how ar?". I aspect him to reply either of these:

"aiya, I cant la, have to meeting customer at that time"
"Aiks, I cant go, really busy that time"
"Dont know whether I can make it or not"
"sei lor, wasted my money lor like that".

Once he replies any of the above, then I can start continue my pranks ma. But, instead, he replied:

"Chin chai lor"

=.=" You replied like that, how am I suppose to say April Fool lei!!!! Mission failed.

Maybe next time I should try, "Guys, prepare your angpow, I am getting married! Finally!"

Do you think you will fall into my trap?


Annie said...

I wont fall for it la, coz u've been telling me that u prefer yi yan sai gai first after few years then married. Unless u & scott got accident.

Calvin said...

I didnt prank u. I just leave u a msg as i saw u still on9, ask u to see nikky's msn title. and tell u he is going to get marry only. haha...

siewmun said...

I just checked Nikky's msn title, he said he is getting married on 30.2.2010 wo, means it will never happen right? I really tot that you prank me wo...

Nikky said...

hehe... lalalala... tricked many ppl... so syookkkk