Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hate it when it happens

Tuesday night after having dinner, I was sitting in front my computer blogging. Half way through writing the post, my stomach aching. Then, took my towel and went into the toilet, thinking that after ‘bomb Tokyo’ then can straight away take my bath.

While almost finish bom-ing, I took my clinique makeup remover and massage my face. While massaging, I had a feeling of dizziness, and I started to yawn. Once I yawn while bom-ing, I know what I will be facing next (based on my previous experiences). My stomach was aching and tumbling, and I felt like something was coming out from my throat. And I started shivering.

Since I still had a little bit of consciousness, I quickly flushed the toilet, wrapped myself in the towel (ya, I took off all my clothes already, and I don’t even have the strength to wear my clothes back), opened the toilet door (and I didn’t wash off my makeup remover), and took a plastic bag. Felt that the world is spinning, losing half of the consciousness already, losing half of my strength, forced myself to walk to my room.

While struggling to walk, I repeatedly told myself that I cant faint right now, because my mum and my sis were not at home, only left my dad and my bro, and I was wrapped with a towel only, if I were to faint, sure my towel will drop down, then they can see my naked body! So latt seh! Cannot cannot, I MUST NOT FAINT!

Once I reached my room, I closed the door, and fell on my bed. The moment I lied down, the ‘stuffs’ were coming out from my throat already. And I told myself that I cant vomit now, coz I don’t even have strength to sit up. Body shivering, body sweating, stomach paining, I cant move at all. So, I tried to breathe normally to calm myself down. Then the stuffs didn’t come out as I forced it back into my stomach.

Now, come to think of it, I should have just vomited it out, so that I feel better. But hor, I just ate Secret Recipe cake wo, vomit back out mai very waste lor like that.

Then hor, I still got time to think that what if my dad or my bro open the door (I didn’t lock the door) and found me half naked on the bed? coz I just fell down straight on my bed without adjusting the towel, so some of my body parts were exposed a bit. So, once I have calm down and regained some strength, I pulled my blanket to cover my ‘important’ body parts, just in case.

I don’t know how long had I slept, but once I got the strength, I stood up and went to the toilet again. Quickly bath and wash my ‘oily’ face (my remover was still on my face). I didn’t dare to wash my hair (I just came back from Salsa class) as I scare half way through I wanna faint again, I would wanna lie down with wet hair on my bed.

Sigh, that was my symptoms of kena food poisoning. Now, come to think of it, I was actually quite strong and determined that time, supporting myself not to faint. Bravo bravo.


maro^gal said...

hahahhaaa..... OMG.... sorry but i really cant stop laughing while reading !!!

you should have ''throw out'' before go back to the room and faint la....

maro^gal said...

you are swallowing back the dirty stuff.... its ok to waste that piece of secret recipe cake... can eat again after recover la.... hahahaa you are a sor por... lolz

Phui Yee said...

yer...Why u so geli geh? U forced all the things that you supposed to vomit back into your stomach..Yuckss.U imagine, if we vomited & never brush our teeth, it will leads to cavity in tooth.

Phui Yee said...

so the same theory goes for your stoamch, it will makes a big hole in your stomach, then all the wormiess come out..yuckss....

siewmun said...

Marogal: before going back to the room dont feel like throwing out ma (i mean, it not yet come out), once I wanna lie down on my back, it only come out. Too lazy to go back to the toilet.

Phuiyee: Wah, you really talking like a professor like tat wo, do you have scientific evidences to back yr theory up? :P