Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guess? what

Last Friday during lunch time went to Isetan and walk walk. Actually I was looking for a pair of walking shoes as my Elements peep toe 80% spoilt already. Has been surfing for a few shops that offer comfortable shoes at an 'uncomfortable' price.

Walked in the shoe department at Isetan. Isetan does carry branded shoes. I saw Value Buy on the rack, so I went and look. It was Guess shoes at Value buy price, from RM120 - RM250. Surf surf surf and found a pair that fits my requirements: ballerina, flats, easy-to-match color and most important comfortable.

However, the price was RM180. Deep in my heart I soooo wanted it to be priced at RM120 so I could buy it without hesitation. Sigh, so expensive for a pair shoe. Really 'ng seh tak' (tak sampai hati). I walked off.

On the way back to office, this PY keep on telling me to buy it, she said how often we own a pair of GUESS shoe??? Farnie one wo she, she addressed the brand as 'GU' shoe. Actually, she was also tempted to buy a golden high heel pointed front priced at RM150 also, but.... she didnt buy it.

Throughout the whole night, I has been thinking about the shoe, so dem sum si si. When boy boy called and I told him about it, he said he sponsor me RM80. Woop! Since only I am forking out RM100, so it's fantastic!

Saturday 11am, took LRT to KLCC and went straight to Isetan. Asked the promoter for a smaller size and he told me, "This is the last pair last size". I was like WTH??? How can??? I wore the shoes, walked around a bit. Thinking that I purposely come down to buy the shoe, I cannot go back empty handed! That size actually I can fit, but it was a bit loose lor, still can walk la, but I scare got blister.

Well, I bought it! My first pair of GUESS shoe.

Bought the Guardian Scholl food pad and stick on it, it fits nicely liao now. HAhaha. Really desperado liao.

With the purchase of more than RM100 together with the swipe of my CIMB credit card, I managed to redeem 2 tickets for Wolverine premiere on next Tuesday! Yippee! Save RM22. Hahaha. I am so happy. So guys, no need to date me and scott for the Wolverine movie.

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Phui Yee said...

I wan the golden heel..desperately want it. I want, i want, i want....I'm going to buy later..Bwhahahahahhaahhaha