Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fast & Furious 4

After watching the trailer in the cinema 2 months ago, I asked Boy boy whether he wanna watch it or not, and he excitedly said ‘of course la’. After that, he went and borrow DVD on Fast and Furious 2 to watch at home somemore. Then only I gained some interest in the cars.

On the other hand, I was worried as well, worried that boy boy will excitedly modifies his car after watching the movie. To me, modifying cars = waste of money. He has stop modifying his car quite some time now. The next thing he wants is a body kit. I wonder when he will get it.

The movie was quite good actually. But for guys who wish to see sexy chicks, they sure would be disappointed, coz there were not many at all, and only appeared like 2 – 3 seconds. Nikky said the first 3 series have more chicks. Instead, this F&F4 has more concrete storyline.

For sexy chicks, Gisele is the only sexy chick that appeared majority of the screen time (comparing with the screen time of chicks, not the guys). After the movie, both Nikky and Boy boy were talking about how sexy she was, and she exposed her boobies in a scene. Then I asked which scene, then they said the one where she wore a white top and harassing Vin Diesel.

Look at the picture below and you will know what I am talking about. Can you see her ‘exposed’ part? (now this post become a ‘hum sap’ post already). I didn’t even notice it, but these 2 guys noticed it instantly and still talking about it after the movie. I dem mou lek. Guess they really wanna see sexy exposed chicks in this film.

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto. I don’t quite like Vin Diesel, I think he don’t know how to act at all. His movie XXX, I didn’t even watch it despite lots of people said very nice. In this F&F4, his expression was still the same = expression-less. Sigh, muscle guys really don’t know how to act I tell you (based on previous case of Arnold and Sylvester). But, no doubt, Vin Diesel’s muscles were dem huge man, really like a championship body builder muscle. Don’t quite like big muscles, I prefer boy boy’s small muscles. :P

There was one scene when Vin Diesel started the race with his car jacking upwards. I found it quite farnie whereby the style resembled our local Mat Rempit style. Hahaha. Then I asked Boy boy why only Vin Diesel’s car hiked up but not the others (coz hiking up can launch the car further than everyone else). He said, ‘it must be like that, then only can show that Vin Diesel’s car is SPECIAL ma’. Swt.

Jordana Brewster as Mia, Toretto’s sister didn’t even drive a car until the ending part. She drove as Porsche! I want her Porsche! By the way, her sexiness was dimmed out by the way she dressed (girly dresses), plus the guys’ eyes were on Gisele only. Hahaha. I want a bang like Mia wo, can I cut a fringe like that? I like her hair wo. Next month must go revamp myself, Jordana’s hair style with Cate Blanchett’s red color hair. Boleh boh?

Michelle Rodriguez as Letty. Pity her, only has a small role in this movie, a machon performance during the oil-stealing truck scene, but she so fast died off already. She should have appeared more ma, I wanna see her macho side. Should let her race with her killer pursuing her at the back before knocking her off ma, then only can show her driving skills, then only we can call it Fast & Furious. By the way, why she always get macho macho characters. SWAT also like that, F&F4 also like that. Cant she appears as sexy???

Paul Walker as O’conner. He is so cute! Even cuter when he appears with his blue Nissan Skyline. His performance was best when he was driving with the GPS on. He even asked the GPS to shut up. Farnie chap.

The movie was quite action-packed. I particularly like the race on the main street with lots of cars compared to the tunnel one. It made me gripped on seat and hold my breath. It was that intense!

All pictures are credited to http://www.movies.yahoo.com


Annie said...

how can you said vin diesel not good in acting !!! big muscle guy should be cool and not talkative.

Nikky said...

Jordana Brewster my future wife ! hahahaaaaa

siewmun said...

Annie: at least give some emotion le, he is so muk...

Nikky: dont let suyin sees yr comments, if not she will picit u...

Phui Yee said...

I like Jordana Brewster..She is so beautiful especially her eyes..Omg..

Jobless Girl said...

I like this movie.