Monday, April 27, 2009

Farnie GPS

Ajak Annie to makan dinner at Tropicana Mall. Is not like we dont know how to go, but Boy boy insisted to try out his GPS. Outside his house, in his car, he was trying to fix the GPS options. I think he has been clicking it for like 5 minutes until he got the route to Tropicana Mall.

So, off we went. The GPS can speak!

"Go straight at the traffic light"

"Turn left at the intersection"

"Keep right"

"Turn left at 300m"


The directions of the GPS was really tepat! Boy boy was so proud of it.

Then hor, when almost reaching the Tropicana Mall, the GPS lady said, "Turn left and keep at slow speed". Once Boy boy heard this sentence, he reacted aggressively to it, "What! Ask me to go slow??? are you crazee???". So, he pressed on his oil and speed. Boy boy became like O'conner in FF4 --> Talking to his own GPS.

Once he sped, suddenly the GPS said, "PLEASE SLOW DOWN". Me and boy boy were laughing like mad! GPS asked you to slow down la! Whahahaha. The GPS really speaks like a real person wei.

Then the GPS asked him to keep right. But hor, the mall is on our left. We dont care so we kept left and entered the parking. I was wondering whether was the GPS pissed off with boy boy not following her instruction of slowing down and simply asked us to keep right and wanna make us fly over the bridge.

Siaoz GPS!

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