Saturday, April 25, 2009

Extreme Dance Comedy: Breakout

Got to know about the Korean comedy dance troop live in KL from my dad. I remember last time we visited Korea, the tour guide did mention to us about the comedy dance stage performance, which is very famous in Korea. The ticket price was quite expensive too! The performance was not in our itenary, the tour guide was willing to organize a small trip for people who are interested to watch it. Guess no people interested at that time though.

But now, B-boy Break Out is live in KL for charity performance! After performing in various countries (ie. UK, India, Korea, USA, Thailand) and they are in KL on May 22. What I understand is the the comedy is ‘acted’ out in a dancing format; there will not be any conversation, slightly different from stage show or musical. The dances will be in hip-hop, beat-boxing, R&B and so on. They call it EXTREME DANCE.

The BreakOut is about 5 prisoners breaking out of jail. Is not only dance but most importantly it is a COMEDY, which make you laugh big time. Expect a hilarious story of five jail breakers.

Dragged boy boy to go with me, I doubt that he knows what I am talking about while introducing him to this movie. Hahaha. Then later my bro said he wanted to go as well. So, I went to KLCC during lunch time to purchase the tickets at Axcess (ya, the same organizer as Rihanna concert, which, until today, still no news of whether she is coming to Malaysia or not, and, I am going to refund back the ticket) counter in Rock Corner.

The guy who served me showed the booklet to me and he was very friendly. I asked him quite a number of questions and he has been very patience to me, which to me was excellent service. For example, I asked him which row is eye level from the stage, he didn’t know but he took out his handphone and called his boss and asked! He took the initiative to call and check the location. Then I asked him where can I refund my Rihanna tickets, he explained if I bought it with credit card, then bla bla bla, which was a very clear instruction. Good.

I thought the Breakout tickets were selling fast but mana tahu I got the middle seats, 5th row from the front. 4th row is already eye-level to the stage. I actually requested 7th row but he said he can only sell the seats row by row, cannot jump. Aiya, which means that not many people purchase the tickets lor.
Another reason why I bought it was because the ticket sales are all donated to LG Cleft Lips Foundation. While enjoying the show, at the same time do some charity also.

I cant wait until the 23 May 2009. Super looking forward to it.

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