Monday, April 27, 2009

Dragon One - SS2 (Revisit)

Guess Dragon One in SS2 has become my favourite place for lunch (not dinner, coz impossible to find a parking when you are on Murni street). Sunday noon, boy boy picked me up from GuZheng class and there we went again, to Dragon One.

Boy boy ordered apple and plum ice blended (RM5.90). At first, I do not wanna take the picture of drinks but boy boy said it was very nice. When I took a sip, indeed it was full of plum taste, like 'sa lei suen mui'. This ice blended is 100x better that the mango ice blended in Little Taiwan.

Stir fried vermicelli with minced pork (RM6.80). I thought boy boy ordered La Mien, but he took the vermicelli instead. It was so-so, not bad, and not great. I dont quite like it coz they have lots of tiny la la in it, make it a bit fishy.

Deep fried prawn roll with orange sauce (RM4.80). This roll was embedded with lots of prawn and the orange sauce added an extra kick to it. The skin was crispy too. Quite nice.

Baked prawn dumpling with cheese (RM5.20). Another prawn dish, as I super love prawns. The dumpling has lots of prawns in it too. The top layered with cheese and sprinkled with some crab roe, it tasted unique and nice. I do hope that they bake it a little longer though so that the cheese has some burn taste in it ma.

Will visit again and try out other stuffs. Told you I am addicted to this shop. Hehe.

Dragon One
59, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/75.

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