Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last time we recieved the vouchers for New Zealand Ice Cream from the LOTR Orchestra and the vouchers are expiring end of March 2009. So dad and mum and sis went and claim the voucher for free 3 scoops of ice cream (we have 3 vouchers). And my dad went and used the 'buy one large tub ice cream and free one regular tub ice cream. The large tub cost around RM40 I think.

Actually NZ ice cream was not bad wo, it was not as creamy as BR but it still has its own unique texture and taste. Maybe I am bored with BR already. Next time I must try the NZ ice cream with boy boy during their 30% discount on every 30th of the month.

According to my mum, they weighed the ice cream, but by the look of it, it was not as full as how BR pack it. But NZ ice cream was harder to scoop out compared to BR which means their texture is quite solid. Nice.
Then, we went to Secret Recipe to buy sis's bday cake. She chose this.

My bro chose durian cheese cake. He said no durian taste at all, disappointed him.

My apple crumble cheese cake. Tasted super delicious and this was the reason why I didnt wanna vomit back out the cake. :P

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