Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clinique Makeup Workshop

Chloe from Clinique ISETAN (note the words in caps coz there is another Chloe in Parkson that dog eye look people down also), KLCC invited us for a personal makeup workshop. PY, AL and I signed up for the workshop. You must be thinking why I myself signed up, coz I kena dragged by PY to accompany her, and she dont allow me to ask any questions during the workshop, only both of them can ask questions. I also dem mou lek. Since I was free, so I just tagged along la.

The appointment was 6pm. But hor, this PY went for the Lancome eyebrow trimming session. At 6.15pm still half way through only. So I walked to Chloe, and she asked me to start the session first. Opps. I dumpped PY and AL tiem.

While Chloe was picking the makeup set, I busy taking pictures for myself. But I couldnt get a good angle from the mirror. Dem! Next time need to practice to look more natural on the mirror and without the camera blocking my face. This photo is best out of 5 together with the Clinique brand on it.

My 'before' look.

Chloe make up my right side face (means your left if you are looking at it). She used Whitening range of liquid foundation on my skin as she said I got freckles, so I need to whiten up a bit. She drew my eyebrow, used some greyish blue and purplish eyeshadows, a bit orangy blusher (coz she said my cheek got freckles, so need to cover up a bit with some orangy color), and an eyeliner.

Then I drew myself on the other side. The way I hold the pencil / brushes to draw my brow, eyeliner and mascara, she said I not bad wo. Hahaha. I think 'one eye' she already know I have some background on makeup, but I have to act a bit la. I told her that I learn it from watching Nu Ren Wo Zui Da TV program. Hahaha. I didnt ask any questions but PY and AL asked a lot while they were standing beside me.
I love the lipstick that Chloe used on me. A bit dark pinkish purple like that with some shiny and glossy effect. When I use this range of lipstick color, it made my face brightened up and my lips will shine through. She does knows how to choose the color. The lipstick was not as sticky as other brand (ie. Loreal Glam Shine), and it was glossy, guess I can skip the lipgloss stage after using this lipstick.

Next, was AL, her 'before' look. Chloe gave some consultation on her skin care too.

Her 'after' look. Not bad right? AL should make up more often.

She is a farnie girl.
Last but not least, was PY. Note her trimmed eyebrow! It made her face so semangat and more energy.

Caught her in action. I think she is putting mascara le.

Ta da! Her finished look. The eyeshadow Chloe chose for PY was pink and brown, which has some shimmering effect. It looked really nice on her! now she sum si si wanna buy that pallette tiem. Hahaha.

The makeup tools: Foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipstick and loose powder. Basic tools that are needed for 5 minutes makeup for the day.

Need a personal consultation on personal makeup? Head to Clinique counters at once, they are providing makeup consultation for free.

The whole experience was really good and 3 of us had fun. I was amazed by Clinique 's emphasis on hygiene. They washed the brushes with special brush cleanser; New mascara brush when applying mascara. At least with these type of steps, you wouldnt feel geli when using their testers.


Phui Yee said...

SM: i wan to buy the duo pallete plus the promotion pack..and hor, i wan to own the whole set of their brush plus the brush cleanser ler..i still have a long list to go on wat i wish to

Siew Mun said...

wah! u r really crazeee.....r u addicted to clinique? if u buy all the things, then make sure u use it oftenly la, dont just keep in the cupboard.

Renji said...

Aiyo PY "jie jie" going to marry a "gold turtle" lor.So her job is to think how to spend the money.

Phui Yee said...

SM: yala, dam addicted..Just like i addicted to shoes lo..****..

Phui Yee said...

Renji-kun: Hahaha..marry gold turtle..i wish too..u tot easy to "fish" gold turtle ka?Hahahaha...

Baby Ning Ning said...

Auntie PY, if cannot get 'GOLD' turtle then get 'PLATINUM' turtle lor, coz mummy said platinum is always better than gold.

siewmun said...

PY already found one la, u all no need to worrie...hahahha