Tuesday, April 7, 2009

China Town Seng Kee - Petaling Street

After watching Fast & Furious, the gang also wanna drive fast n furious from Cineleisure to KL to eat the famous Hokkien Mee at Jalan Loke Yew. When Annie said wanna go KL and eat Hokkien Mee, I said she is crazy, drive so far just to eat Hokkien mee, then she doesnt wanna admit, saying that she is 'wai sek' instead. Then I said, 'is crazily wai sek!'.

So, there we went, 3 cars drive fast n furious to KL. When we reached there, stopped at a petrol station nearby. Why, it was because the hokkien mee shop didnt open. Dem mou lek lor, we come so far away and it was not opened. Sigh, really 'mou hao fook'.

So, Mich suggested to go to Petaling Street to cari makan. Go Petaling street cari makan pulak! cari parking also got a problem le. But somehow we managed to find some parkings ..... at the road side, yellow line somemore. I prayed so hard that boy boy's car dont kena saman. If not he wont have money to buy me bday present (although is still far away). :P

We walked until the end of Petaling Street, turn right then we reached what Mich said a famous stall Seng Kee whereby Ho Chiak also came before. This shop must be somthing right? But Mich said so-so only the restaurant. We let Mich do the ordering.

Siong Tong Lala. Tasted ok.

Siew Yok Mee. To me, it tasted like wanton mee, they used siew yok instead of char siew. I like the garlic though.

Jue Cheong. I was reluctant to try at first as I am a bit skeptical on animal's internal organs. Then they talked somemore is not the large intestine, is the small intestine, then talked about shit. I also dem mou lek, makan time talked about disgusting things. They said this is the most famous dish here, so I took a piece and tried. The intestine does not have a farnie smell, it was so Q, together with the garlic, chilli padi, it tasted delicious wo, suprisingly.

Hokkien Mee. That was what Annie craved for. But it tasted bland.

Claypot Loh Shue Fun. Their famous dish as well, but I found it normal only. The claypot in Ampang point food court tastes much better than this.

Erm, I dont know what is so special about this shop except for the pork intestine. If you ask me to drive to KL just to eat at this shop, I wouldnt do so. If I pass by, then maybe I will drop by. Total bill was RM85 for the 8 of us (nikky, my bro, boy boy and I ate a little only as we already had Waroeng Penyet at 6pm).

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