Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrating Sis Bday in Dae Jang Gum

Celebrating my sis's 18th birthday as well as her 9As achievement in SPM. 2 weeks ago, when she came back from National Service, we had nice western food. So, she chose Korean food this time around for her bday celebration. Where to go if my family talked about Korean food? Of course is none other than Dae Jang Gum in Seksyen 14 lor, has been our family's favourite Korean restaurant even since we visited them the first time.

A range of cold dishes were served for free. We refilled the taukeh, bayam, lady fingers, and the egg 3 times.

Complimentary hot pot steamed egg.

Cant run away with our favourite Jap Chae (RM30).

Fresh vege was served for us to wrap with the BBQ meat. But the vege tasted bitter. My mum took one piece and never finish it once she took a bite, while I took 2 pieces. My mum said hor, if the vege tastes bitter, it means that they have lots of pesticides on it. Yer, I heard her sayings and I dont dare to take it liao. So, the whole plate of vege left untouched. Normally, we would call for a refill second or third time.

Spare Ribs (RM62). Last time, we allowed the waiter (super good service and friendly, the same guy who served us last time) to cook for us. But hor, it ended up the beef too well done. So this time, we just picked up the beef medium-to-well from the BBQ stove itself.

Although it was a little pricey for just 2 small long pieces of spare ribs, the BBQ version of it tasted superb! It was juicy and flavourful. My bro even praise it tasted like Jake's spare ribs.

Marinated Spare Ribs (RM62).

This marinated one tasted not as nice and juicy as the previous non-marinated one. But, it still tasted delicious, no doubt about it. My bro ate until he kept praising the beef meat non-stop, he loves it to bits.

Marinated Pork (RM45).

After eating the fine quality beef, suddenly eating pork means no taste to us. Hahaha. No la, actually the marinated pork tasted better than the non-marinated ones (that was what we ordered during last visit, and we were disappointed with it).

After all the heating elements, we were cooled down with a cup of ice rice tea.

Satisfying meal.

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