Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buonasera Italian Restaurant - SS2

Was thinking of having pizza Italian style on Saturday night, wanna go to Italiannies. But hor, it was already 7.30pm which was peak hour to go to shopping complexes ie. One Utama, The Curve or Pyramid, it would difficult to find a parking space.

Then only I remember there is one Italian restaurant in SS2 that I did not go to after my first visit 5 years ago. I think that time the restaurant was just open, and my family decided to try there. All the 3 main dishes that we ordered tasted bland, in order words --> tasteless. The restaurant at that time (Sunday night) was empty, so I assumed the food was really bad that time. Never went back ever since.

Since Saturday night I was craving for Italian style pizza, we went there again. Suprisingly the restaurant was 3/4 packed with patrons and the rest of the tables were 'reserved'. I was like, OMG! That review post from the famous blogger really worked for this restaurant.

We were seated at the end of the restaurant, which was a quiet corner. The restaurant has revamped their menu abit. Since there are so many customers, I expect their food quality has improved from the past years.

Sakura Roasted Pork with special enzo sauce (RM31.90). When this dish was served, I was excited as I saw a lot of mushrooms! Addicted to mushrooms nowadays. The mushroom sauce was nice. The pork slices had strong 'pork smell', actually I shouldnt be complaining about this as German pork dishes do have strong smell. They gave a lot of pork slices. The mashed potato was creamy and buttery. The only downside of this dish was teh vegetables, boy boy said it was bitter.

Calzone Rustica (RM26.90). Calzone is almost same as pizza but the toppings are wrapped in a curry puff style. This Calzone embedded with mozarella, mushroom, pork bacon, capsicum, olives, served with traditional tomato sauce. Everything was fine except for the tomato sauce splashed on top of it. If it was not for the garlic (I love garlic), I would say the tomato sauce totally spoilt the whole calzone taste. The tomato sauce tasted super sourish le, and does not add value to the dish.

The ingredients were good, and very cheesey. However, the Calzone was lembap. I was expecting something crunchy coz the first time I ate Calzone in Mid Valley, it was super delicious and crunchy until the whole calzone stood up, not like this flat on the plate. I should have just order normal pizza instead.

Boy boy said the food was mediocre, and I agreed with him. Anyhow, it tasted much better than my first visit 5 years ago.

42, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 78778586
(beside Yippee Cup)

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