Tuesday, April 28, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine

Received 2 free movie preview passes for Woverine in GSC Mid Valley. A much awaited film of the month and I have been eagerly waiting for it when I recieved the free passes 2 weeks ago.

Once we gave our tickets, there were people inside who distribute Nivea Sliver Protect, each of us got one free gift.

The movie started with James' childhood on how he discover his power. After the incident happened, both him (Hugh Jackman) and his half bro, Victor ran away and live a soldier live fighting during world war time. Once they were imprisoned, that was where they met William Stryker, the bad guy of the movie. Both of them were accepted into Team X and that was where the story of James --> Logan --> Wolverine began.

Sabretooth Victor aka Sabretooth by Liev Schreiber was really convincing. He purposely gain tons of muscle weight for the role. He is the best man to play Sabretooth character, his love-hate relationship with Logan was really good. Both of them also possessed regenerative ability, I wonder how Sabretooth gonna die.

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool by Ryan Reynolds as martial artist. Him with his foul mouth got to him at the end (you have to watch it to know what I am talking about). You must watch the way he manned his double swords, super!

Agent Zero by Daniel Henny. An expert in tracking down people and super skillful in handling guns (I mean any type of guns). Quite handsome looking man.

Will.i.am as John Wraith, a mutant that can teleport. Sigh, singer mai suai stick back to singing, his acting skills (or does he has it?) was just bad. His character was super lousy la.

Kayla Silver Fox by Lynn Collins, Wolverine's love interest. She has a really sexy voice, and she does possess special ability too. The one beside her is her sister, Emma Frost by Tahya Tozzi, who has diamond skin.

And my most favourite character in his X-men movie is Remy LeBeau aka Gambit by Taylor Kitsch. The most anticipating character.
Super romantic smile and look.
He was super handsome and yao ying (Bergaya) when he fights too! Unfortunately, he only appeared half way through the movie, fight Logan a bit then after that not that much apperance liao. I was really disappointed lor, should have feature more of him ma.

Pictures credited to www.yahoomovies.com

The movie was nice, but not great. If you dont bring any high expectation in, you will find this is a great movie. The movie focuses more on Logan's pass and how he developed over time to become the character in X-men 1. Sad past he has. I noticed that Hugh Jackman kept on raising his left eyebrow every scene, not tired one meh??? Anyhow, is a must-watch movie.

P/S: Give me more of Gambit then I would say the movie is fantastic. Hahahha.

opps, wrong side!

(Before I start my story, I must let you know that I have this grey working skirt that split in front towards the left side).

After lunch, after I came out from the toilet, I was looking down at my skirt, trying to see my sexy leg in between the split. Then I realized something was missing. Where is my split in front? Then I looked behind of my skirt and found the split was at the back of my skirt. I quickly rushed back to the toilet and amended it.

I didn’t notice that I was wearing my skirt the other way round (front become back, back become front). Somemore, I walked from LRT station to my office in the morning, then walked from office to Ampang Park for lunch. Aiks! DEM PAi Seh!

After adjusting the skirt, I went into the office and told PY about it. I told her not to laugh at me, and I asked her why she never highlight it to me. Instead she said, “how I know lei, I was thinking why your split at the back so weird, but it looks nice!”. SWT! Still say it looks nice pulak. I really wanna faint.

Dem pai seh la! If split exactly at the middle of the back, then is fine coz this type of split is normal. But split at the back towards the right side, it is called SENGET!

Monday, April 27, 2009

San Francisco Steak House - Tropicana Mall

I suggested Tropicana Mall for dinner, then Annie suggested San Francisco Steakhouse for dinner. Dem mou lek, coz I was wearing shorts and slippers on that day. My philosophy is to dress well, or at least decently, or at least a long pants la when dining at a steakhouse. But Annie insisted wanna dine there, so I also thick face went into the restaurant. Luckily the waiter there didnt kick me out.

Baby Ning Ning in her stroller. So hyper active the whole night, she doesnt wanna sleep. The parents shaved her hair again!

"Open eyes big big for camera".

Then got scared of it, dont dare to look liao.

"My parents asked me to go sleep, but I couldnt".

Free bread. The inner part was soft but the skin was dem hard. The garlic butter hor, no garlic taste at all. Italiannies serve much nicer bread.

Annie ordered Ribeye Steak (RM45.90). Annie was happy with the taste, but she was not happy with the portion.

They also ordered Macaroni & Cheese (RM7.90). Annie said it was super cheesy, made her jelak after taking a few scoops.

Boy boy ordered Lamp Chop (RM33.90). The lamb chops were fat! I means half of it were fats. Boy boy cant even eat it, dem thick fats! The meat itself was nice, juicy and tender. But hor, 50% of the portion was fats! How to eat??? Cut the price into half la like that.

I ordered Chicken and Mushroom Pie (RM18.90). Although the potato was big, but hor, it was quite hard lor, not soft. I saw they used some herbs on it, but still, tasteless one.

The pie has mushroom, carrot slices and chicken. The pepper was not strong, I have to sprinkle tons of pepper into it, and their pepper no taste one. Compared to Dome's version of it, Dome's is thousand times much better than this. This tasted like the one offered in Secret Recipe only, whereby SR is cheaper by a few ringgit.

Once the dishes were served, we were shocked to see the portion of it. The vegetables were pathetically less. Maybe they served it in a big plate, so making it looks like the portion is very little. If you like to serve the food in a small portion, please dont use a super big plate for it la. The portion was disappointing.

Compared to SFSH before they shifted in to Tropicana Mall, they serve huge portion of food, and the menu was extensive. I dont know why they downgraded themselves to 'cafe' level. It is like eating out cafe food at a steakhouse price. The food offered here was not much either. Annie said Mixed seafood platter was not in the list also. So, dont call yourselves as Steakhouse la, just settle with San Fran Cafe, and LOWER down the price too!

Another dissatisfaction was the bill. The bill took like 15 minutes to arrive. The table beside us complained about it. I wondered why they took so long. Wasting people's time only. Lousy service. Annie said she wont pay a second visit, not worth the money. So do I.

New tactics

In KJ LRT station, when I scan out from the counter, sometimes there are a few people conducting survey (I assumed la). What I notice is that they target different group of people every time, sometimes all female aunty, sometimes all young ladies etc. But I never kena once coz I don’t even bother to look at them and just rushed pass them only. If got free gift then I will do the survey lor, if no free gift then I don’t bother.

So hor, yesterday the survey people was there again, this time targeting young guys. When I walked pass a pair (one survey girl, one passer-by guy), I heard the survey girl said, “you no need to be so scare la, I am not going to rape you”. The guy just smiled embarrassingly.

I know you wanna attract guys to do a survey, but don’t la say until like that. Girl rapes guys??? (Got la, marogal got posted news on it). To me, it sounded a bit rude, or maybe blunt, or maybe….i also don’t know how to describe it. To me, it just sounded so …… weird.

I went into the magazine shop waiting for my bro. Once he arrived, he told me, “Jie, these people (survey girl) are so crazy, she kept on pulling my shirt and don’t let me go”. Aiyo, isn’t that a bit too much ar??? So desperate until pull passerby shirts???? Hooker meh???

Farnie GPS

Ajak Annie to makan dinner at Tropicana Mall. Is not like we dont know how to go, but Boy boy insisted to try out his GPS. Outside his house, in his car, he was trying to fix the GPS options. I think he has been clicking it for like 5 minutes until he got the route to Tropicana Mall.

So, off we went. The GPS can speak!

"Go straight at the traffic light"

"Turn left at the intersection"

"Keep right"

"Turn left at 300m"


The directions of the GPS was really tepat! Boy boy was so proud of it.

Then hor, when almost reaching the Tropicana Mall, the GPS lady said, "Turn left and keep at slow speed". Once Boy boy heard this sentence, he reacted aggressively to it, "What! Ask me to go slow??? are you crazee???". So, he pressed on his oil and speed. Boy boy became like O'conner in FF4 --> Talking to his own GPS.

Once he sped, suddenly the GPS said, "PLEASE SLOW DOWN". Me and boy boy were laughing like mad! GPS asked you to slow down la! Whahahaha. The GPS really speaks like a real person wei.

Then the GPS asked him to keep right. But hor, the mall is on our left. We dont care so we kept left and entered the parking. I was wondering whether was the GPS pissed off with boy boy not following her instruction of slowing down and simply asked us to keep right and wanna make us fly over the bridge.

Siaoz GPS!

Dragon One - SS2 (Revisit)

Guess Dragon One in SS2 has become my favourite place for lunch (not dinner, coz impossible to find a parking when you are on Murni street). Sunday noon, boy boy picked me up from GuZheng class and there we went again, to Dragon One.

Boy boy ordered apple and plum ice blended (RM5.90). At first, I do not wanna take the picture of drinks but boy boy said it was very nice. When I took a sip, indeed it was full of plum taste, like 'sa lei suen mui'. This ice blended is 100x better that the mango ice blended in Little Taiwan.

Stir fried vermicelli with minced pork (RM6.80). I thought boy boy ordered La Mien, but he took the vermicelli instead. It was so-so, not bad, and not great. I dont quite like it coz they have lots of tiny la la in it, make it a bit fishy.

Deep fried prawn roll with orange sauce (RM4.80). This roll was embedded with lots of prawn and the orange sauce added an extra kick to it. The skin was crispy too. Quite nice.

Baked prawn dumpling with cheese (RM5.20). Another prawn dish, as I super love prawns. The dumpling has lots of prawns in it too. The top layered with cheese and sprinkled with some crab roe, it tasted unique and nice. I do hope that they bake it a little longer though so that the cheese has some burn taste in it ma.

Will visit again and try out other stuffs. Told you I am addicted to this shop. Hehe.

Dragon One
59, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/75.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buonasera Italian Restaurant - SS2

Was thinking of having pizza Italian style on Saturday night, wanna go to Italiannies. But hor, it was already 7.30pm which was peak hour to go to shopping complexes ie. One Utama, The Curve or Pyramid, it would difficult to find a parking space.

Then only I remember there is one Italian restaurant in SS2 that I did not go to after my first visit 5 years ago. I think that time the restaurant was just open, and my family decided to try there. All the 3 main dishes that we ordered tasted bland, in order words --> tasteless. The restaurant at that time (Sunday night) was empty, so I assumed the food was really bad that time. Never went back ever since.

Since Saturday night I was craving for Italian style pizza, we went there again. Suprisingly the restaurant was 3/4 packed with patrons and the rest of the tables were 'reserved'. I was like, OMG! That review post from the famous blogger really worked for this restaurant.

We were seated at the end of the restaurant, which was a quiet corner. The restaurant has revamped their menu abit. Since there are so many customers, I expect their food quality has improved from the past years.

Sakura Roasted Pork with special enzo sauce (RM31.90). When this dish was served, I was excited as I saw a lot of mushrooms! Addicted to mushrooms nowadays. The mushroom sauce was nice. The pork slices had strong 'pork smell', actually I shouldnt be complaining about this as German pork dishes do have strong smell. They gave a lot of pork slices. The mashed potato was creamy and buttery. The only downside of this dish was teh vegetables, boy boy said it was bitter.

Calzone Rustica (RM26.90). Calzone is almost same as pizza but the toppings are wrapped in a curry puff style. This Calzone embedded with mozarella, mushroom, pork bacon, capsicum, olives, served with traditional tomato sauce. Everything was fine except for the tomato sauce splashed on top of it. If it was not for the garlic (I love garlic), I would say the tomato sauce totally spoilt the whole calzone taste. The tomato sauce tasted super sourish le, and does not add value to the dish.

The ingredients were good, and very cheesey. However, the Calzone was lembap. I was expecting something crunchy coz the first time I ate Calzone in Mid Valley, it was super delicious and crunchy until the whole calzone stood up, not like this flat on the plate. I should have just order normal pizza instead.

Boy boy said the food was mediocre, and I agreed with him. Anyhow, it tasted much better than my first visit 5 years ago.

42, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 78778586
(beside Yippee Cup)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clinique Makeup Workshop

Chloe from Clinique ISETAN (note the words in caps coz there is another Chloe in Parkson that dog eye look people down also), KLCC invited us for a personal makeup workshop. PY, AL and I signed up for the workshop. You must be thinking why I myself signed up, coz I kena dragged by PY to accompany her, and she dont allow me to ask any questions during the workshop, only both of them can ask questions. I also dem mou lek. Since I was free, so I just tagged along la.

The appointment was 6pm. But hor, this PY went for the Lancome eyebrow trimming session. At 6.15pm still half way through only. So I walked to Chloe, and she asked me to start the session first. Opps. I dumpped PY and AL tiem.

While Chloe was picking the makeup set, I busy taking pictures for myself. But I couldnt get a good angle from the mirror. Dem! Next time need to practice to look more natural on the mirror and without the camera blocking my face. This photo is best out of 5 together with the Clinique brand on it.

My 'before' look.

Chloe make up my right side face (means your left if you are looking at it). She used Whitening range of liquid foundation on my skin as she said I got freckles, so I need to whiten up a bit. She drew my eyebrow, used some greyish blue and purplish eyeshadows, a bit orangy blusher (coz she said my cheek got freckles, so need to cover up a bit with some orangy color), and an eyeliner.

Then I drew myself on the other side. The way I hold the pencil / brushes to draw my brow, eyeliner and mascara, she said I not bad wo. Hahaha. I think 'one eye' she already know I have some background on makeup, but I have to act a bit la. I told her that I learn it from watching Nu Ren Wo Zui Da TV program. Hahaha. I didnt ask any questions but PY and AL asked a lot while they were standing beside me.
I love the lipstick that Chloe used on me. A bit dark pinkish purple like that with some shiny and glossy effect. When I use this range of lipstick color, it made my face brightened up and my lips will shine through. She does knows how to choose the color. The lipstick was not as sticky as other brand (ie. Loreal Glam Shine), and it was glossy, guess I can skip the lipgloss stage after using this lipstick.

Next, was AL, her 'before' look. Chloe gave some consultation on her skin care too.

Her 'after' look. Not bad right? AL should make up more often.

She is a farnie girl.
Last but not least, was PY. Note her trimmed eyebrow! It made her face so semangat and more energy.

Caught her in action. I think she is putting mascara le.

Ta da! Her finished look. The eyeshadow Chloe chose for PY was pink and brown, which has some shimmering effect. It looked really nice on her! now she sum si si wanna buy that pallette tiem. Hahaha.

The makeup tools: Foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipstick and loose powder. Basic tools that are needed for 5 minutes makeup for the day.

Need a personal consultation on personal makeup? Head to Clinique counters at once, they are providing makeup consultation for free.

The whole experience was really good and 3 of us had fun. I was amazed by Clinique 's emphasis on hygiene. They washed the brushes with special brush cleanser; New mascara brush when applying mascara. At least with these type of steps, you wouldnt feel geli when using their testers.

Extreme Dance Comedy: Breakout

Got to know about the Korean comedy dance troop live in KL from my dad. I remember last time we visited Korea, the tour guide did mention to us about the comedy dance stage performance, which is very famous in Korea. The ticket price was quite expensive too! The performance was not in our itenary, the tour guide was willing to organize a small trip for people who are interested to watch it. Guess no people interested at that time though.

But now, B-boy Break Out is live in KL for charity performance! After performing in various countries (ie. UK, India, Korea, USA, Thailand) and they are in KL on May 22. What I understand is the the comedy is ‘acted’ out in a dancing format; there will not be any conversation, slightly different from stage show or musical. The dances will be in hip-hop, beat-boxing, R&B and so on. They call it EXTREME DANCE.

The BreakOut is about 5 prisoners breaking out of jail. Is not only dance but most importantly it is a COMEDY, which make you laugh big time. Expect a hilarious story of five jail breakers.

Dragged boy boy to go with me, I doubt that he knows what I am talking about while introducing him to this movie. Hahaha. Then later my bro said he wanted to go as well. So, I went to KLCC during lunch time to purchase the tickets at Axcess (ya, the same organizer as Rihanna concert, which, until today, still no news of whether she is coming to Malaysia or not, and, I am going to refund back the ticket) counter in Rock Corner.

The guy who served me showed the booklet to me and he was very friendly. I asked him quite a number of questions and he has been very patience to me, which to me was excellent service. For example, I asked him which row is eye level from the stage, he didn’t know but he took out his handphone and called his boss and asked! He took the initiative to call and check the location. Then I asked him where can I refund my Rihanna tickets, he explained if I bought it with credit card, then bla bla bla, which was a very clear instruction. Good.

I thought the Breakout tickets were selling fast but mana tahu I got the middle seats, 5th row from the front. 4th row is already eye-level to the stage. I actually requested 7th row but he said he can only sell the seats row by row, cannot jump. Aiya, which means that not many people purchase the tickets lor.
Another reason why I bought it was because the ticket sales are all donated to LG Cleft Lips Foundation. While enjoying the show, at the same time do some charity also.

I cant wait until the 23 May 2009. Super looking forward to it.

Tiny Pisses # 3

During lunch time, we went to Lancome Isetan to redeem ‘free eyebrow trimming’ coupon whereby we got it from Lancome Mobile Van after filling up our name for free testing of auto-vibrate mascara.

We stood at the counter quite long, but is understandable as 3 salesgirls were busy with 3 separate customers. 5 minutes later, the girl came and told us to come back later as they are very busy now. So we said ok.

PY who was determined to get a trim at her eyebrows, and us went to Parkson Lancome. We saw 2 salesgirls were busy with the customers and one salesgirl was available. The salesgirl who are unavailable looked at us ‘one kind’ (neh, that kind of look from those promoters when you dress casual and wanna redeem free gift), and she straight away said, “if you want to get a free eyebrow trimming, you need to make appointment” in a very acsi manner.

Immediately, I turned to PY and said, “so BA BAI, need to make appointment one” then we walked off. I 100% sure that the salesgirl heard my sentence. Ya, it was meant for you to hear! B**ch, ‘dog eye look people down’ (describe people who look down on others). Why Parkson cosmetic counters majority are like that??? Clinique also like that, Lancome also like that. So chuien.

If Lancome wanna offer this type of voucher, then ensure that your salesgirls are willing to accept it as part of the customer service la. Don’t la treat the people with vouchers like that. If the salesgirls show acsi face and unwilling to do it, then don’t give the voucher la. Dem stupid! Tagging Lancome Brow EXPERT pulak, I vomit! If next time that Lancome mobile van come and distribute the same voucher again, I am gonna bark at them. Be prepared.

After work, we went to Isetan again after work to get PY eyebrow trimmed (Really determined she is!) before our Clinique makeup workshop (posting in next post). A ha, this time the salesgirls were very free. So she seated PY and start trimming her eyebrow.

After 20 minutes, her eyebrow was done! Immediately look more semangat.

(That was AL's hand. Coz PY wanted you guys to focus on her well trimmed eye brow and not her face)

If you purchase RM120 voucher, RM100 is redeemable on Lancome products, RM20 is for 6 times eyebrow trimming session and a personal trimming blade for your own. Ceh, promoting them pulak while complaining them a while ago. Just go to Lancome ISETAN and not parkson, KLCC.

See, I am a fair person, if you give me good service, I will promote for you. But if you give me bad service, do expect me to condem hard on it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A night in Kuantan

Flew to Kuantan on FireFlyz. First time taking FireFlyz, so I was a bit scare and skeptical as lots of people said it will be very bumpy. Die lor like that, I air sick, somemore bumpy, sure vomit la like that. A bit worried.

But hor, the journey was ok, and they were on time. Plus, they served a cup of orange juice and a biji muffin. Not bad. At least got something to makan. The air stewardess were friendly and always smile. Compared to another low budget airline that has no food (unless you pay for it), no drinks, and no friendly smile. First time experience with FF, satisfactory. Will choose to fly with them next time.

Finished official work at 4.30pm, so we drove to hotel and check in. Upon entering the room, it has 2 single beds. I swt. Why the heck they gave me TWO single bed??? cant you see that I am travelling alone??? My bad also for not asking for a single queen size bed at first. Sigh, no choice, dumped my luggage back on top of the extra bed, dumped some clothes on the sofa, to indicate that 'is occupied, please do not sit'.

5.30pm, left the hotel and went to explore food for dinner at Tanjung Lumpur. Along the road, this was the only decent shop with some clean and good decorations I can say. So, we went in.

Lots of seafood was display at the entrance, and the price per gram was also display on the board. I let Aida and Mimi proceed with the ordering.

Grill! I love grill fish. The one in Selayang still vivid in my tastebud. Hahaha.

Snapped some pictures while they are ordering the food.

Sambal kangkung. It looks more like stir fried instead and tasted like it indeed. Where is the sambal??? cant taste it at all.

Erm, what you call this thingy? Bamboo clam? Stir fried with some chilli sour sauce. Tasted bland. Due to the bland sauce, it doest cover the fishy taste the clam. The fishy taste was so strong until I cant even take the 4th piece and put into my mouth.

Fried Sotong with flour. Standard dish. At least it was not oily and the tepung was quite thin. The chilli sauce somehow tasted like the ones with keropok lekor chilli sauce. The sotong was fresh.

Hot and sour prawns. The prawn was not so fresh coz the shell sticked to the flesh, made it quite hard to de-shell it. The sauce tasted more like tomato sauce than spicy.
Sambal Petai Grill Fish. I dont eat petai actually, but the petai here doesnt smell like strong petai, but I still didnt take it. The fish was big and it was quite fresh. Again, the sambal doesnt taste like sambal.
At first my colleague told me that they ordered all spicy dishes. I was scare at first, scare my poor stomach cannot tahan. But hor, after tasting all the dish, that were not spicy at all, I can say the spiciness level was like 5%, even my bro also can eat it. Total bill was RM64 plus the drinks.Quite a disappointing dinner though. Maybe I expect the level same as the Selayang Grill Fish.

After that, went to Teluk Chempedak to see sun set. But hor, the sun already set-ed la. See the sky la!

Stong wind, nice beach.

Mimi and I.

Walked to the food court nearby. Ordered fruit rojak. The difference was that they added honey dew in it. First time eating honey dew in rojak. Hehe. The rojak sauce was not great either.

Went to this Dessert stall thought of ordering the ABC with ice cream coz it costs RM2.50 only, which to me was very cheap. But hor, I saw a newspaper cutting on the glass recommending their Jelly Ice instead. Oooo, quite new to me. Ok, one jelly ice please!

Actually the jelly was at the bottom, covered with shaved ice on top, together with water melon, pineapple, laici. With the tint of lemon flavour in it, it tasted extra omph! The first few scoops were great, until the end hor, I felt like drinking ice water already.

After a super full stomach, we went to Berjaya Megamall (sounds glamour but lousy one) to walk. The winding curl road to the top of the car park was super dizzy. It was like we turn and turn for 8 rounds I think. Stupid design. Must sack the architect who design such parking. Bought Fast & Furious tickets (ya, that was my second time of watching it) for 10.30pm show. When the show finished, I was so dem tired already.

12.30am. I finished bathing and I sat on the bed and watching the TV. Switching the channels back and forth to find a suitable program for me to watch until I fall asleep. I stopped at 8TV whereby there is a VJ and MTVs to show. Ok, that's good, listening to music while falling asleep.

After 5 minutes, this VJ went and said the most absurd thing in the whole wide word, "Let's us talking about something, do you believe in ghost? many people do believe ....". I straight away changed the channel. WTH!!! I am in the hotel alone at midnight and you are gonna talk about the most pantang thing that I fear of??? Absolute madness! So dem wanna cekik her!