Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 8

I have been complaining to Boy boy that he did not give me any gifts during special occasions. I mean gifts in the sense that he buy the present himself without I asking him to buy. Normally, during my Birthday, Pak Toh Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, he will ask me to choose what I want, then he will pay for it. Or sometimes even I buy the things first then he reimbursed me back the amount.

Initially, it was good in a sense that I can have what I want. However, every year doing the same routine over and over again, makes me think that these types of occasions are not special anymore.

Anyway, I got a little surprise last year on my birthday whereby he picked me up from GuZheng class. When I sat in his car, he asked me to go to his car booth and take something for him. I told him, ‘you cannot take yourselves meh?’. He said, ‘faster la, go take for me’ in a manja tone. I was half way pissed already, unwillingly went to his car booth, opened it, and I saw ……

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I have been ‘begging’ (sort of) him to give me flowers on my birthday since long time ago and all he said was ‘waste money’ (quoted from me since we pak toh). Even on my exact day of Birthday, no flowers. My GuZheng class was a day later ok. But anyhow, I was really really happy with the flowers. He knows that I love pink color, so he chose pink. Cloud Nine already! Hahaha, first time receiving flowers from a guy! So happy.

This year Valentine’s day, no gift from him. As expected from him. (So sarcastic la me). 2 weeks later, on Friday night, he passed me a mug and said it is a Valentine’s Day present. Then I said, ‘your customer gives you for free one is it?’ (again, being so sarcastic). Then he said, ‘Ya’. At first, I wanna give back to him already coz my house got lots of mugs, but he insisted that I take it. So I took it.

When I went back home, I took out the mug, it was black color. Erm…nothing special. Definitely is a free gift from his customers. So, I put it back into the box again.

Saturday came, he asked me whether I have use to mug, I said no. He said must pour hot water into it. I asked, “got pattern one ar?’. He said ya, but I still haven’t fill it with hot water.

Sunday came, he asked again. I said no again.

Monday morning, while I was bancuh-ing my Milo with my normal mug, then I poured the hot water that was left over into the black mug. I saw some pattern emerged from the bottom, there was the pictures of pink roses! Again PINK roses! I super adore pink!

Then when I flipped over to the other side of the mug …..My photo! OMG! I was shocked. Then, there were these tiny writing of ‘I Love You’.

My heart melted.

This fella ar, really know how to surprise me at times.

I super duper heart him!

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maro^gal said...

ahhahaa nice cup.....

i also got a cup like tis concept too... free gift from milo or wat ... i forgotten liao...

u use it nicely la... color may fade when use it too often... =]