Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 1

A month ago, a pan mee restaurant was opened in Wisma Sentral, KL, called Cheng Kee. We gave it a try on the second week of opening. After that first visit, we have been visiting that restaurant quite often, like twice in a week. I even visited them 3 times a week (terror lei). Is not like their pan mee is fantastic, is just that I feel like drinking the soup for lunch, instead of the normal clear soup (Qing Tong). As for PY, she likes the chilli there.

All along, we have been eating the clear soup Pan Mee. All along, PY doesn’t want to try the Ma Latt as she has high standard for Ma Latt taste. But, today, out of the blues, PY decided to order the ‘Ma Latt’ (Hot and Spicy) Soup Pan Mee.

Then, disaster stuck!

When her bowl of Ma Latt Pan Mee was served, it was a bit dark in color (imagine the color of soy sauce mixed with red spicy chili oil) in the sense of brownish red. Then the lady boss said, “Wah, so nice ar your bowl of Ma Latt, must be very spicy”. We were a bit suspicious and skeptical at first as we were thinking that where got owner praise their OWN bowl of noodles one. Plus, the owner normally dont 'social' with us.

Then PY took the first sip of the soup, her face was downright disappointed in the next second. So I took a sip of the soup too, it tasted more soy sauce than Ma latt. PY digged into the bowl of mee, and the mee turned out to be dark brown color. It was exactly the same color as when I ordered dry (‘Kon Lou’) pan mee. I still tried to persuade her that maybe this is their style of Ma Latt.

So happened that the table beside us also ordered Ma Latt soup pan mee. Out of curiosity, PY and I sat straight and stretched our neck to peep their bowl of pan mee. The girl’s one has a clearer red soup and YELLOW pan mee. PY suspected that the chef mistakenly cook a bowl of dry pan mee, and realized it was the wrongly prepared after pouring in the soy sauce. So, he pour the Ma Latt soup into the bowl of ‘soy sauce’ pan mee and assumed that it is a Ma Latt pan mee. PY was freaking furious, saying that, “the chef thinks that I am stupid not to know what is Ma Latt is it!!”.

Eating half way through, PY really cannot tahan, she said she is like drinking soy sauce only, we called the lady boss and complained to her said that the pan mee tasted like soy sauce. The lady boss explained, “oh really! Maybe we added too much Ma Latt sauce in it la, is like that one!”.

SWT! The lady boss was still trying to find ways to escape. I straight away said, “the Ma Latt at the table beside doesn’t look brownish also”. Then only the lady boss said, “I change another bowl for you”. PY was so mad until she said, “no need, we are in a hurry”. She forcefully finished the whole bowl, as she is the type of person who doesn’t waste food. If this happens to me, I wont even continue eating. I salute her for her ‘courage’.

Then when we called for bill, the lady boss charged PY RM4.50 instead of RM4.70. Hello~!!! It was only 20cents discount, for all the ‘tortured moments’ that you gave to PY???? MG straight away said, “20 cents so little, RM4 la straight away”. The boss said, “cannot la, RM4 cannot, rugi liao lor, cannot be so greedy 1”. OMG! She has the guts to say we are greedy somemore. WTH! This sentence means that she is more money minded than serving her customers good food.

Then somemore hor, the boss still can say, “I scare you all wont come back again, so I give you discount lor”. And PY answered her, “ I really wont come back”. But dunno the lady boss heard it or not. What is the difference? Do you think that by giving PY 20cents discount, she will still come back in the future with the way you handle the whole situation? In your dreams la!

Then the boss asked somemore, “really ‘nan sek’ (not tasty) meh?”. Albeit all our descriptions, she still refused to admit her mistake. Ma Latt soup mixed with huge amount of soy sauce, you tell me la, tasty or not!

PY was pissed because the lady boss refused to admit she served the wrong pan mee. If she admitted, maybe PY wont be so furious. Or maybe she shouldn’t even have served the pan mee when she knows it is the wrong one. Remembered she came to us and ‘praise’ her own pan mee at first? 'San Yao Si' la (direct translation: body got shit).

BOYCOTT Cheng Kee!

There was one time Nikky suggested to create a blog called TinyPissOfMe to complain about other people. I didnt even expect that I will use the title from him one day. Now, PY is the one who launched a new idea in my blog, tagged 'Tiny Pisses' (copied from Nikky's idea a bit). Let's see how well this tag fares in the future.


Phui Yee said...

i am still super duper pissed with the lady boss!!!I really wish that her shop close down SOON!!!!

Annie said...

wah... PY u so pissed until got tiny pissed #1, like this its not tiny liao. Its damn huge pissed

Phui Yee said...

annie: Yala, huge pissed..Imagine the soy sauce in the stomach..Yuckss...

Renji-kun said...

Pan Mee must try the one near my house.Superb nice~!

Phui Yee said...

Renji-kun: wa..the pan mee near ur hse really so superb nice ka? Must go try one day..

siewmun said...

PY, the pan mee near scott's house not ngam yr taste one la, is LOH Pan Mee = Pan mee with Loh mee soup...

Renji kun said...

lol.if she dun like Loh Pan Mee then not suit lor.Coz there famous their loh pan mee.cheng tong dunno nice or not coz everytime i just order loh pan mee. heheh

siewmun said...

PY would always prefer the original qing tong pan mee.