Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teamwork during raining days

Last Thursday afternoon (ya, I know is a bit outdated, as I forgotten to ask the photos from AL), heavy downpour during lunch time. Even at 2pm (our lunch time finishes at that time), the rain was still freaking heavy. Quite a number of us was stranded in Citibank food court, as we didnt bring umbrella (it wasnt raining when we walked out for lunch ok). We waited until 2.45pm, another colleague delivered some umbrellas from office, and they have one pair extra.

Thinking that wet also we have to get back to office, the 3 of us (PY, AL and me) shared an umbrella. Mind you, it was not the golf umbrella ok, and it was not the normal size umbrella, it was a foldable umbrella. Since AL is quite small size, she stood in the middle between me and PY. So, the 3 of us kelam kabut walked back to office.

PY's leg arm all wet, my right arm all wet, while AL' back all wet. So, we went into the toilet and blow dry our sleeve under the dryer. And this AL went and took our photos so that I can blog about it.

Caught in Action!

It was an 'achievement' I tell you. Imagine 3 people walking under a foldable umbrella, how terrer is that! Plus, we have to walk in a synchronise way so that the umbrella will cover all of us, maybe not all, cover the maximum of our body. And imagine if there is a pool of water in front of us, we have to cross it at the same time, if not, one will fall behind and kena the rain. Teamwork mate! Good job.

Now, I really phobia the weather already, so I always take an umbrella along during lunch time. If it is not raining, I will still open the umbrella just for the SUN.

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